Time Nick Message 19:23 semiosis anyone else here use ec2 ebs optimized instances? 19:24 semiosis i seem to be given much slower CPUs for ebs-optimized instances than regular instances 19:25 semiosis like 1.8GHz ebs-optimized vs 2.6GHz regular 19:25 semiosis could just be bad luck of the draw though 19:48 joshu hey semiosis how's it going? 19:50 semiosis busy busy busy 19:51 joshu you use AWS for work? 19:51 semiosis yes 19:52 joshu linux vms only or dark side too? 19:52 semiosis linux all the way 19:52 joshu I ask as I'm looking at AWS for the latter for the first time 19:53 joshu migrate from on-site VMware vSphere ESXi to AWS VPC 21:05 pdurbin wow, so many differnt types: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/ 21:16 semiosis joshu: i thought about using a windows ec2 instance to build native packages of a javafx app we're developing, but decided instead to just borrow time on windows boxes in the office 21:16 semiosis vnc across the office lan is so much better than rdp over the internet 21:17 joshu hehe true 21:18 larsks semiosis: Ya think? I've generally found RDP sessions to be nicer to work with (rdesktop happily lets me change my virtual desktop resolution, but my vnc clients do not -- that I'm aware of). 21:18 larsks But local is certainly faster :) 21:21 semiosis +1 21:22 joshu larsks if you haven't already you should have a look at freerdp instead of rdesktop 21:22 * pdurbin wonders how licensing works for Windows VMs on EC2 21:24 semiosis pdurbin: there's a small additional cost baked into the hourly rate for windows vms 21:24 joshu pdurbin Amazon takes care of it…yeah what semiosis said 21:24 semiosis pdurbin: but that's nothing compared to the huge emotional cost of using windows lol 21:25 joshu semiosis haha you're so right! Why that OS even exists :( 21:28 pdurbin heh. gotcha. thanks. the microsoft tax :) 22:12 semiosis trying out the new eclipse 4.3 (kepler)