Time Nick Message 01:01 JoeJulian mhayden: rackspace images are selinux free by default? 01:02 pdurbin JoeJulian: wow. that would get under mhayden's skin, I bet :) 01:03 JoeJulian Not even permissive... actually disabled... :) 01:04 pdurbin smh 01:08 pdurbin JoeJulian: anything new in gluster? 01:16 JoeJulian lots... not even sure what yet... 01:16 JoeJulian I'm trying to track down a bug right now... 01:17 pdurbin hopefully not a bad one 01:18 JoeJulian Not terribly bad. For some reason the bricks aren't getting properly killed at shutdown so the client's hanging waiting for ping-timeout. 01:20 pdurbin doesn't sound too bad 12:37 mhayden JoeJulian: unfortunately, they are 13:55 GitHub106 [crimsonfu.github.com] hakamadare pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/commit/c438f35844b73e46bf90da95f1bbbf415a366a5a 13:55 GitHub106 crimsonfu.github.com/master c438f35 Steve Huff: Cleaning up markup slightly, adding links 15:32 semiosis pdurbin: biggest gluster news imho is libgfapi, a filesystem-like API which allows applications to work with directly with gluster, without a fuse mount 15:41 pdurbin semiosis: ok. interesting 15:46 semiosis ... and i'm writing a java binding for it (have i mentioned that here before?) 15:48 pdurbin semiosis: I don't think so. Is it on github? 15:48 semiosis yes, i plan to officially announce it next week. still need to tidy up a few things. 15:50 semiosis https://github.com/semiosis/libgfapi-jni (libgfapi jni binding) and https://github.com/semiosis/glusterfs-java-filesystem (java7/nio.2 filesystem provider backed by libgfapi-jni) 15:51 semiosis mainly need to clean up the project naming, copyrights, licensing, and docs before the announcement. the code is pretty solid although not yet feature complete 15:52 pdurbin great stuff 15:53 semiosis the Example class shows off what it can do from a high level consumer's point of view: https://github.com/semiosis/glusterfs-java-filesystem/blob/master/glusterfs-java-filesystem-example/src/main/java/com/peircean/glusterfs/example/Example.java 19:47 magoo any of you know an awesome sysadmin around the bay area? 19:47 magoo https://www.crowdtilt.com/learn/jobs#job1 19:48 magoo (or willing to move out here) 19:53 semiosis magoo: Kickstarter for groups? 19:54 magoo it's basically for pooling money amongst friends 19:54 magoo think reaching a beach house 19:54 magoo *renting 19:54 semiosis ohhh i see 19:54 semiosis so like private kickstarter? ;) 20:29 magoo close but still wrong :P 20:30 magoo private and public campaigns, big or small, and we accept anything (no approval process other than preventing fraud) 20:31 magoo semiosis: you know any good talent out here? 21:03 pdurbin magoo: are you right downtown in San Francisco? I'm going to be near Union Square Sep 22-26 for a conference: http://oracle.com/javaone 21:04 magoo yup, on 7th and Howard 21:05 magoo that being said, my baby boy is supposed to be born around the 7th so I'll probably still be at home with the wife figuring fatherhood out haha 21:05 pdurbin magoo: oh! congrats! 21:05 magoo thanks! 21:06 pdurbin minimagoo 21:06 magoo haha, indeed 21:06 magoo also the reason I'm starting to really gear up on hiring 21:07 magoo i'm the only sys admin and I'm typically not away from the office 21:07 pdurbin ironcamel: you'll cover for magoo :) 21:07 magoo thanks ironcamel! ;) 21:07 magoo my hero 21:11 ironcamel i can't do half the stuff magoo does 21:12 semiosis magoo: congrats! 21:12 semiosis sorry the only sysadmin i know out there works for twitter 21:13 semiosis and i dont even know him that well 21:13 semiosis sysadmins are hard to find! 21:14 * pdurbin is realizing how few people he knows in San Francisco 21:15 semiosis i haven't been in ##infra-talk for several months but as i remember there were plenty of SF sysadmins in there 21:42 magoo semiosis: yeah, i'm not very connected out here as i just moved here a month ago 21:42 magoo i'm trying to change that quickly 21:43 magoo i was working remotely for crowdtilt for the last couple years 22:42 semiosis erryday i'm cache busting