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STIG? 14:55 GitHub151 [crimsonfu.github.com] hakamadare pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/commit/bfc96d4d7654f9b9922151569fc60b6086b82fea 14:55 GitHub151 crimsonfu.github.com/master bfc96d4 Steve Huff: Capturing RHEL backporting rant 18:48 codex pdurbin: ^ my friend changerOfSea has a vagrant question 18:48 codex i figured this is the right place to send him 18:48 changerOfSea hey all 18:49 changerOfSea trying to make 100% sure that this is just not me being stupid 18:51 pdurbin mhayden: no, I haven't even heard of those. but maybe you mentioned CIS in here once 18:56 changerOfSea pdurbin: ok, if you have a sec, so I'm trying to install nginx using puppet/vagrant/centos. I'm using puppetlabs' version of puppet-nginx, it's asking for geoIp now, is there a simple puppet way to install it w/o writing a shell script 18:57 changerOfSea i checked out boxen's puppet-geoip and installing it by just writing out include statements... am I doing it wrong? 18:57 pdurbin changerOfSea: I take it `yum install geoip` doesn't work? 18:57 pdurbin I've never used geoIP... not sure I've heard of it 18:57 changerOfSea pdurbin: well it's trying to do that on it's own, but seems to fail 18:58 changerOfSea Error: Execution of '/usr/bin/yum -d 0 -e 0 -y install GeoIP' returned 1: Error: Nothing to do 18:58 changerOfSea pdurbin: ^^^ this is the error I'm getting 18:58 changerOfSea it's a geo location lib that gives you the rough estimate of where you are based on IP 19:00 pdurbin looks like Puppet is trying to do `yum install GeoIP` ... I'd make sure that works outside of Puppet first 19:01 larsks changerOfSea: What pdurbin said. That error typically means that there was no package by that name. I get the same error, for example, if I "yum install sdlfkjsklfjs" 19:02 larsks Also, you'll get this error if the requested package is already installed. 19:02 changerOfSea pdurbin, larsks: right, that seems to be the case, it can't find it, is there a way through puppet to add a yum repo? 19:03 larsks Sure! You can install it as a file resource, or use the yumrepo resource type. 19:03 larsks http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/latest/type.html#yumrepo 19:03 larsks That page (the Puppet type reference) is your friend. 19:03 larsks ...and then make sure you set up dependencies correctly such that the repo is installed before any packages . 19:09 * pdurbin wonders if he should stop using the "epel" module: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant/tree/master/modules ... and use larsks's fancy way instead 19:09 changerOfSea larsks: thanks! I'm trying to do this through vagrant and puppet and the urge to just manually yum install everything is getting to me :D 19:09 changerOfSea pdurbin: thanks as well! 19:09 pdurbin oh sure 19:09 larsks Whereby "fancy" you mean "the right way"? :) 19:10 pdurbin larsks: what's wrong with that epel module? why does it exist? 19:10 larsks It looks like it's actually just a collection of "yumrepo" resources. Plus the GPG key. So really, that seems like a fine way of installing things. 19:11 pdurbin phew! 19:11 ben_e maxmind controls the distribution of all that stuff 19:11 ben_e i doubt it's available via a yum repo 19:11 ben_e http://www.maxmind.com/en/geolocation_landing 19:12 larsks Well, under Fedora there is a GeoIP package... 19:12 ben_e they have historically offered a freeish "lite" version 19:12 changerOfSea pdurbin: so should I just include epel and put that module in my folder? 19:12 larsks Fedora 17 has https://gist.github.com/6167614 19:12 larsks changerOfSea: That's probably the best way, yes. 19:13 ben_e https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/acls/name/GeoIP also 19:13 changerOfSea larsks: cool thanks! 19:18 changerOfSea Error: Could not update: Could not find package geoip 19:18 changerOfSea Error: /Stage[main]/Geoip/Package[geoip]/ensure: change from absent to latest failed: Could not update: Could not find package geoip 19:18 larsks On my system the package is called GeoIP. 19:18 changerOfSea larsks: grrrrr 19:19 larsks Also in epel, it looks like. 19:20 changerOfSea larsks: it might be because i got the puppet-geoip class and was trying to include that as well, trying w/o 19:23 changerOfSea larsks: yep, that seems to be the case, now on to configuring it 20:54 changerOfSea hey, larsks, pdurbin, you guys still around? If I set in my manifest file "config.vm.network :forwarded_port, guest: 80, host: 1234 " and set up nginx, and I connect to localhost:1234 I should be getting something right? 20:56 pdurbin changerOfSea: https://github.com/dvn/dvn-install-demo should give you something at http://localhost:8888/dvn/ if you'd like to use that as a model 21:00 larsks changerOfSea: I'm not actually a vagrant user... 21:03 pdurbin larsks: but you'll help create official Fedora base boxes. yes. yes you will 21:08 larsks Until vagrant works out of the box with kvm or openstack out of the box I'm probably never going to touch it. I just don't use virtualbox that much. 21:08 larsks Hmmm, repeating myself a few times I repeated myself. 21:09 larsks I know some works are working on that support...don't actually know the status these days. 21:15 changerOfSea larsks: ah, thanks anyway 21:15 changerOfSea pdurbin: hmmm... ok, I'll take a look, thanks! 21:16 changerOfSea pdurbin: just looked, it needs to be nginx/mongo/php :( 22:09 changerOfSea or rather pdurbin anything on port forwarding? 23:10 pdurbin changerOfSea: port forwarding at https://github.com/dvn/dvn-install-demo/blob/master/Vagrantfile 23:13 pdurbin changerOfSea: vagrant doesn't care if you're using nginx or something else