Time Nick Message 12:33 ben_e interesting 12:33 ben_e whuggle is a general term of affection used in a few irc channels i'm in 12:33 ben_e i figured urban dictionary would have it 12:33 ben_e but nyet 12:34 pdurbin plop 12:34 ben_e it's like a wuving huggle 12:34 * ben_e whuggles pdurbin 12:34 ben_e are you going to abcd today? 12:35 pdurbin hmm.. SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Chris Erdmann 12:35 pdurbin I prolly should... 12:35 pdurbin ben_e: what's he talking about? 12:36 pdurbin oh. I found it 12:36 ben_e tech at the SAO? 12:37 ben_e Christopher Erdmann, Head Librarian for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, will be giving a talk on the precise degree of shame other scientific librarians feel when trying to compete with that title. 12:41 * pdurbin emails him, asking if the talk will be awesome 12:42 ben_e do you know him? 12:42 pdurbin oh sure, he's involved with http://theastrodata.org :) 12:43 ben_e right, right 12:43 joshu afternoon 12:44 ben_e and morning! 12:45 joshu quick silly question. i need to generate a new password for a specific very annoying user who prefers using her name as her pass. I know it's not the best but I'm considering using the 1password generator and giving her a pass like this: neb-ob-fa-qu and she's just going to have to learn it. Any thoughts? I know i know users 12:47 pdurbin joshu: do the right thing 12:50 joshu pdurbin which is? give her a head slap :P 17:42 * pdurbin puts semiosis's name in quotes: https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu/issues/3208#note-1 :) 19:33 codex Hi, one of my co-workers launched his game as a kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2038969690/roll-call-is-fun-fast 19:33 codex please consider buying a set or two 19:34 codex i'ts a wicked fun game to play in almost any social setting (especially in bars and such) 19:34 codex it's very simple to learn, and fun for a long time 20:24 ben_e pdurbin: marlena says you have been trying to recruit her for irc 20:35 pdurbin ben_e: she participated here: http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2013-02-13#i_809 :) 20:41 ben_e i broached the abcd irc server idea with rei and a few others that were around 20:41 ben_e it basically comes down to me being willing to run it probably 20:42 ben_e i guess i should stand up irc.abcd.harvard.edu at some point 20:44 larsks ben_e: what would be the point of a local irc server? why not just have #harvard_abcd here on freenode? 20:45 ben_e i think the big win would be reliability 20:45 ben_e no netsplits due to DDOS of freenode 20:45 larsks ...really? Because I've found freenode to be pretty reliable, and running a single server here seems like a good SPOF. 20:45 ben_e some local-to-harvard admins if we get some bad actors 20:46 ben_e i also think the officially unofficial blessing of an ABCD server would entice more people to join 20:46 larsks And it would be part of freenode? Or some other net? 20:46 ben_e i was thinking just a standalone server 20:47 ben_e i understand the SPOF aspect, but i had it in mind as a low key, informal networking thing for tech ppl at harvard 20:48 ben_e if they are going to use it to coordinate during HU network outages then... 20:48 ben_e more thinking/engineering/etc would be required 20:48 larsks I dunno. All the freenode services (cert. based authentication, chanserv, etc) are nice. And not having to be logged into multiple servers is nice, too. 20:48 larsks And the community is nice! 20:48 ben_e that is a win 20:48 ben_e i suspect that the people we might attract to an abcd server would not be the types who joined and used public irc anyway 20:49 larsks I would vote for creating harvard-oriented channels here on freenode. I would probably ignore a local server that wasn't part of a larger network. 20:49 ben_e noted :-) 20:49 larsks ...but that's moot, because I'm leaving in a month anyway. 20:49 * ben_e scratches out the note 20:49 ben_e congrats? 20:50 ben_e where are you off to? 20:50 larsks Heading to Red Hat! Starting early September. 20:50 ben_e has AC been assimilated yet? 20:50 ben_e you got poached by mamiller! 20:50 larsks Something like. :) 20:50 ben_e are you joining him in fedora cloud community ops thingy? 20:51 ben_e or another group? 20:51 larsks I'm going to be joining their openstack/cloud group. 20:51 ben_e cool 20:51 ben_e how many people left in AC when you go? 20:51 larsks 1 full time and 2 part time. 20:52 ben_e and no replacement for rob yet? 20:52 larsks They have hired a new Assistant Dean for Computing, starts on 8/19. Not a replacement for Rob; the position is at a higher level. 20:52 ben_e the possibility of HUIT assimilation looms over every small IT group i think 20:52 ben_e nods 21:52 semiosis why do i keep making changes to prod after 5 PM on fridays?!?!?! 21:52 semiosis need a poster on the wall to remind me not to do this 22:43 ben_e you should just start drinking at 4 PM 23:32 pdurbin larsks: congrats! don't forget us! 23:32 pdurbin and I agree that freenode is both awesome and reliable