Time Nick Message 01:47 ben_e_ dotplus: we are running mysql with a drbd+pacemaker backend 01:47 ben_e_ and failover works well 01:48 ben_e_ you can pull the plug on one of the servers and the website pretty much doesn't care 01:48 ben_e_ but we are not running a very high traffic site 01:49 ben_e_ ymmv, etc 12:11 pdurbin mhayden: your kid would probably like this: http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/17/colar-uses-augmented-reality-to-brings-your-kids-drawing-to-life/ 12:12 pdurbin ironcamel: you too. my seven year old was blown away. as was I 12:13 pdurbin ben_e_: today's the last day of their promotion to download it for free 12:15 pdurbin ben_e_: glad to hear your HA MySQL solution works 12:16 * pdurbin looks at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LightDM 12:17 pdurbin joshu: hmm, I haven't done much desktop development. I'm more of a back end guy 12:24 joshu hi pdurbin ok now worries thanks 20:29 ironcamel pdurbin: very cool! I'm ... I mean my kids ... are going to love that 20:31 joshu maybe this is not appropriate for here, but if i checkout a different git branch using git branch checkout -b 1.0.2 and I build that open source project using cmake, shouldn't the built product version be 1.0.2? I keep getting the version that's on master which is 1.1.0-beta1 :( 23:18 codex anyone here interested in a nexus 7 for cheap? 23:18 codex http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/3964426492.html 23:51 pdurbin ironcamel: glad you liked it :) 23:51 pdurbin codex: are you buying the new version? 23:51 pdurbin joshu: depends on how the build is set up 23:52 codex pdurbin: i was thinking about it originally, but i am not sure. At the moment, since I have a work device too (note2), and a personal android, it seems like a bit too much 23:52 codex i also have a HP touchpad running android 23:53 codex so too many devices