Time Nick Message 14:52 pdurbin dotplus: I've worked in environments with mysql replication set up but failover has been manual... promotion of a slave... not especially pretty 14:58 pdurbin dotplus: look like we talked about this before: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-09-27#i_6022862 :) 14:58 pdurbin looks* 15:01 pdurbin dotplus: I still want someone to try out the mysql autofailover stuff with Scalr and report back about if it's any good: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-07-18#i_5824414 15:04 pdurbin "Scalr-managed infrastructure automatically recovers from failures such as server, disk, network, and datacenter ones." -- http://www.scalr.com/how-it-works/ 17:43 dotplus pdurbin: ah yes, scalr sounds interesting, but we don't have a cloud to manage (yet? we have a project started that's is looking into getting going in that direction. but it's .gov and glacial), and we can't use public cloud 18:42 pdurbin dotplus: ah, so you'll be rolling your own solution. You might want to try paying attention to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheeri_Cabral ... I attended a great talk by her about MySQL backups and she is a co-host of this podcast: http://www.oursql.com 18:45 dotplus yeah, I've read her a fair bit over the years. think I've probably met her at LISA. 18:46 dotplus at the moment, I think we're leaning towards percona xtradb cluster if there aren't any dealbreakers limitations for our environment 18:47 dotplus good to hear about oursql. although, I'm not a huge fan of audio/video. text is just so much more infodense and searchable. 18:48 dotplus but that's probably pertinent enough that I should listen to it all 20:49 joshu hi 20:50 melodie hi JoeJulian 20:50 melodie hi joshu 20:51 melodie the present chan is also logged, so you can ask your question and stay logged : once someone will see your question either here 20:51 melodie or in the logs, they will answer if they can 20:51 joshu I've been struggling all day with a way to pass the username and password from the lightdm login greeter to the desktop file Exec= command line. I've tried to use PAM but I can't get further than echoing the username and password to a text file. 20:51 joshu hi melodie 20:51 melodie joshu you might want to start with explaining what project you are working on 20:51 melodie for the people here have no idea about it yet 20:52 melodie and a desktop file "Exec=" command line does not give any information about which desktop file it is about 20:52 melodie so please try to be precise 20:53 joshu to give some context all I'm trying to do is have the user login to the lightdm greeter and then execute xfreerdp to give the user an RDP session. 20:54 joshu I have this working BUT the user has to login twice. Once at the ubuntu lightdm greeter and the second time in Windows. xfreerdp has two arguments /u: and /p: where you can give it the username and password, respectively which will be used to login to Windows. I'm trying to figure out a way to pass these two values from the UBuntu lightdm greeter. 20:58 melodie good night ! 20:58 melodie joshu keep eyes to the topic: " logs at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/today"