Time Nick Message 03:11 pdurbin mhayden: hmm, you did get berated a bit. but you also got a fun re-mix: https://twitter.com/Asher_Wolf/status/360041371496755201 12:26 mhayden hah 16:17 pdurbin if a guy sent you 80 emails each with one attachment would you punch him in the face or write a script to download them one by one? 16:17 pdurbin or is there an easier way? the emails were sent to a gmail account 16:21 larsks just point mutt at gmail and download them that way? possibly batch-forward them so that all the attachments would be contained in the same message... 16:22 larsks then I think gmail offers a "download all attachments as a zip file" option, maybe. 16:22 larsks use some of the gmail/dropbox integration on IFTTT. 16:23 semiosis am I the only one who thinks IFTTT is a bad idea? too risky 16:24 larsks Depends. I would probably not use ifttt with my bank. Might use it twitter. 16:24 larsks *with 16:24 semiosis http://www.jirasekonsecurity.com/2011/12/ifttt-great-service-but-should-we-trust.html 16:25 semiosis gmail is too important 16:25 semiosis imho 16:26 semiosis pdurbin: is 'ignore the emails' an option? 16:26 larsks Like I said, depends. I would argue that the real problem is not with IFTTT but with the services it consumes, which in general don't provide very good granularity of permissions. E.g., I can't grant time-limited access, or read-only access, or access only to certain labels/tags/folders/whatever... 16:29 ben_e_ was it an 80-part RAR file? 16:29 ben_e_ maybe he was pining for the days of NNTP warez 16:29 pdurbin heh. I'd have to ask my wife. It's for her 16:30 pdurbin thanks for the ideas. dunno if she's down with mutt ;) 16:30 ben_e_ o/~ ya down with the em you tee tee? yeah you know me o/~ 16:30 larsks Seriously, I was going there but stopped at the last minute. 16:31 ben_e_ heh 16:31 ben_e_ :-) 20:13 semiosis http://reproducingnetworkresearch.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/tcp-daytona/ 21:54 melodie_ good night