Time Nick Message 12:12 pdurbin this is worth listening to: The Ship Show | Demystifying DevOps: A Chat with Damon Edwards - http://theshipshow.com/2013/02/demystifying-devops-a-chat-with-damon-edwards/ 12:13 pdurbin I laughed out loud at "more canaries!" 13:03 mhayden https://twitter.com/orvtech/status/359862230621224960 13:28 agoddard haha no way, I literally just came in here to paste that link 13:29 agoddard well, actually this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BP58ysjCAAEnk4_.jpg:large but that was cheating. 13:29 agoddard mhayden: ^ 13:49 pdurbin :) 14:48 mhayden i RT'd it because i thought it was interesting and now i am getting berated, sigh 15:07 agoddard awsnap 17:03 * pdurbin throws a python script on github and welcomes feedback: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-07-24 18:13 JoeJulian mhayden: I just met Jill Sciarillo. Apparently she'll be talking to you when she gets back next week. 18:13 mhayden JoeJulian: she already emailed 18:14 JoeJulian :) 18:14 mhayden JoeJulian: we worked pretty closely when i worked in cloud