Time Nick Message 00:02 pdurbin of interest, perhaps: Philip Durbin - Google+ - Microsoft's stock lost $32 billion in value today. … - https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/SAq5ULicB37 12:59 pdurbin pointing out 'A note about drive vibration: The drives vibrate too much if you leave them sitting as shown in the picture above, so we add an “anti-vibration sleeve” (essentially a rubber band) around the hard drive in between the red metal grid and the drives.' at http://blog.backblaze.com/2009/09/01/petabytes-on-a-budget-how-to-build-cheap-cloud-storage/ :) 14:11 ben_e_ http://youtu.be/tDacjrSCeq4 <- don't shout in the server room 16:01 pdurbin mhayden: I saw a tweet from someone at Rackspace about free VMs for open soure projects 16:01 mhayden yes yes 16:02 pdurbin from this guy, I think: https://twitter.com/jessenoller 16:03 pdurbin found it: "You want free @rackspace cloud accounts for your OSS project / community needs. We have it. Jesse.noller@rackspace.com " -- https://twitter.com/jessenoller/status/355757374906183680 17:57 pdurbin for i in `ls *tiff`; do convert $i $i.jpg; done 17:57 * pdurbin wishes Grab on OS X didn't save files as .tiff 18:13 sjoeboo_ pdurbin: you can change that to png. can't remember where, but i know its there. 18:14 pdurbin hmm 18:15 pdurbin "Grab saves screenshots as files in TIFF format. If you want to use your screenshots on the web, in email, or in a word processor, you can use Preview to convert the TIFF files to other formats, such as JPEG or PNG." -- the help page 18:22 ben_e you use a 3rd party app for screenshots? 18:23 ben_e comes with os x it seems 18:23 ben_e i always just do the command+shift+# ones 18:24 ben_e defaults write com.apple.screencapture type [bmp|pdf|jpg|tif|png|etc|rtfm] 18:33 sjoeboo_ yeah, didn't realize you were using some 3rd party tool....built is is good enough for me. 18:37 ben_e apparently grab is in /apps/utilities and is provided by apple 18:37 ben_e heh, case insensitive HFS+ 18:37 ben_e so /applications/utilities is actually correct 18:43 pdurbin no... I'm not... I'm using Grab to create the tiff 18:43 pdurbin and convert (from imagemagick) to convert it from tiff to jpg 18:45 semiosis wow screencaps on a mac are that difficult? 18:45 pdurbin ben_e: I should try your way. I don't know the shortcuts yet 18:57 pdurbin right. so. click the window. then Cmd-Shift-4, then Space to bring up the camera icon. then click the window... and you get a PNG 18:59 pdurbin via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screenshot#Mac_OS_X 19:01 ben_e i prefer pdfs for my screenshots 19:02 pdurbin I need non-tiff to upload to Google Docs: SWORDv2 screenshots from Cottage Labs video - Google Drive - https://docs.google.com/a/g.harvard.edu/document/d/1oyz3ZTfZA_7FFNpZNaxR6cDJzLXgm3X1ybwUkMQwL1Q/edit 19:43 pdurbin mhayden: I'm being told the VMs aren't free after all :( 19:53 semiosis http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/22/ubuntu-edge-smartphone/