Time Nick Message 11:24 pdurbin ironcamel: a new podcast about Perl: http://perlmaven.com/tv 11:25 * pdurbin has been testing the feed at https://plus.google.com/102810219707784087582/posts/ezkkrypApHy 15:38 melodie hello 15:38 melodie can you remind me the command to ignore when someone goes and comes back many times in a row? 19:51 semiosis debian couldn't make their packaing more difficult if they tried :/ 19:51 semiosis packaging* 21:24 ben_e_ melodie: for irssi it would be /ignore #crimsonfu QUITS JOINS 21:29 pdurbin1 semiosis: have you tried fpm? 21:42 melodie hi ben_e_ 21:43 melodie it seems it does not work in xchat 22:42 semiosis pdurbin: i have not tried fpm. i dont think it can produce a source package suitable for a launchpad ppa (though havent really looked) 23:09 pdurbin semiosis: ok. people seem to love it, is all