Time Nick Message 02:25 semiosis a few weeks ago i started getting in the habit of writing boolean expressions with the literal value on the left, as in (1 == foo) 02:25 semiosis it just paid off when i finally left off one of the equals signs and got a compiler warning in the ide 02:28 semiosis lesson learned, writing conditionals that way lets you write code safely while drinking 03:27 pdurbin_m semiosis: +1 03:32 pdurbin_m didn't know about http://puppet-vagrant-boxes.puppetlabs.com 11:10 pdurbin "/db automatically generates a REST API from relational databases" -- http://www.slashdb.com ... I've never tried this product and it's not open source but I thought I'd pass it along since it's written by a friend of mine (Victor Olex). He mentioned on my post about implementing a SWORDv2-compliant API: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/Yt5HRP1iLbW 11:16 pdurbin i.e. you can get http://demo.slashdb.com/db/Chinook/Customer/CustomerId/10.json from http://demo.slashdb.com/db/Chinook/Customer.html?limit=41 14:07 sjoeboo friday fun fact, our main ganliga instance has shipped ~140TB of metrics via localhost in the last 2 months. 14:10 pdurbin sjoeboo: dang 14:12 pdurbin sjoeboo: and even more in the future with a new data center coming online 14:13 mhayden sjoeboo: i'm concerned about how much your server talks to itself 14:13 mhayden :) 14:13 sjoeboo ha, yeah our ganglia setup it...unique 14:14 sjoeboo is* 14:14 sjoeboo pdurbin: its up. 14:14 sjoeboo tier 2 testing is going on right now, then select users get access for tier 3 grande challenge style science, then its open. 14:17 semiosis science \m/ 14:29 sjoeboo 50K cores + 200TB RAM = lots of science. 14:47 ben_e_ 50k at mghpcc alone or +odyssey? 15:42 sjoeboo ben_e_: thats total 15:42 sjoeboo mghpcc day 1 is 28K 15:42 sjoeboo not including some "owned" kit we moved out there, thats just the big install which will be general use for our users. 15:43 sjoeboo in total mghpcc has about 34K core of compute @ the moment. 15:58 pdurbin sjoeboo: oh! it's up! awesome 15:59 sjoeboo only a couple months late thanks to the OGC 16:19 semiosis do you say m-g-h-p-c-c in conversation? meg-pack? something else? 16:27 sjoeboo ha, we just say mghpcc, or, for us, holyoke (the town its in) 16:28 ben_e_ mugpuck 19:27 * pdurbin votes for mugpuck 22:22 semiosis jankinsci 23:38 JoeJulian magrehipecoce