Time Nick Message 14:50 mhayden WESTMAAS: OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY 14:57 pdurbin +1 15:18 Pax heya 15:54 pdurbin Pax: you're back! 15:57 Pax pdurbin: I'm like a bad penny :) 15:58 Pax Hey, has anyone had any luck getting vagrant-aws working with VPC? 15:59 pdurbin crimsonfubot`: lucky vpc 15:59 crimsonfubot` pdurbin: http://aws.amazon.com/vpc/ 17:49 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky vagrant-aws 17:49 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant-aws 19:22 whorka I set up a VPC once 19:29 pdurbin Pax: ^^ 19:29 Pax yo 19:30 Pax whorka: were you able to get vagrant deploying to it by any chance? 19:32 whorka haven't touched vagrant, sorry. 19:32 whorka any specific error? 20:10 Pax whorka: only ruby nonsense and an HTTP 400 error 20:10 Pax whorka: without VPC it works totally fine! 20:10 Pax here, check it out https://github.com/huit/vagrant-generic 23:04 semiosis jr. devops asks me for help with locked up workstation 23:04 semiosis CPU at 90 degrees C 23:04 semiosis O_O 23:05 semiosis somehow the fan power wire got in the way of the blades and the cpu overheated 23:05 * semiosis wishes all problems were this easy to fix