Time Nick Message 12:18 pdurbin jgtimmer: you might enjoy http://theshipshow.com 12:19 pdurbin I heard about it at http://foodfightshow.org/2013/07/erlang-eye-for-the-devops-guy-and-gal.html and I'm working my way throught the archive 12:19 pdurbin http://theshipshow.com/2012/09/too-much-automation/ is good and mentions a couple interesting books: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_Accidents and http://gawande.com/the-checklist-manifesto 12:28 pdurbin mhayden: super sad: Seth Vidal, creator of “yum” open source software, killed in bike accident off Hillandale Rd. | The Daily Durham - http://durham.io/2013/07/09/seth-vidal-creator-of-yum-open-source-software-killed-in-bike-accident-off-hillandale-rd/ 12:28 pdurbin via your blog: A humble farewell to Seth Vidal | major.io - http://major.io/2013/07/09/a-humble-farewell-to-seth-vidal/ 12:44 mhayden yeah, that's tragic 12:44 mhayden he was a good guy for sure 12:45 mhayden the hit and run driver is in custody and it sounds like he fled because his DL was revoked 12:45 pdurbin at least when I got hit on a bike the driver stuck around 14:25 jgtimmer pdurbin: thx! 14:31 pdurbin jgtimmer: sure 14:31 pdurbin listen in good health 14:31 pdurbin evms: welcome! 14:34 evms thanks! 21:23 pdurbin messing around with curl multipart today: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-07-10 21:23 pdurbin oh that's cool, the ship show wrote back: https://twitter.com/ShipShowPodcast/status/355073958376255489