Time Nick Message 13:13 dotplus jimi_c: is www.cobblerd.org itself on github? the last section of /community.html refers to the old site's layout, I think 13:14 jimi_c dotplus: it is, and you're right, i'll fix that 13:15 dotplus heh, that was why I was asking whether it was on gh, I was gonna fix it for you, but that's ok. 13:16 dotplus I'll go back to reading your docs instead:) 13:17 jimi_c oh, yeah it's cobbler/cobbler.github.com, so if you find any other typos in the manuals just let me know (and ask me in #cobbler so we don't spam up pdurbin's channel :)) 13:17 pdurbin jimi_c: did you ever set up logging? 13:17 jimi_c no, my time was limited before and then i had twins... :) 13:17 pdurbin you can chat here, then 13:18 dotplus sorry, /me joins #cobbler 13:18 jimi_c pdurbin: ok, just didn't want to intrude, some ops don't like when their channels get hijacked 13:19 pdurbin meh 13:22 jimi_c dotplus: the one thing to know about sending patches for the website is that most everything is in _dynamic since I use several jekyll plugins (which github doesn't allow) 13:22 jimi_c so you need to edit the files in _dynamic, run the generate_dynamic.sh script and then add both the .md and resulting .html files in your git commit 13:23 * jimi_c hates jekyll --safe