Time Nick Message 16:41 dotplus do we have any bcfg2 people here? 17:21 * pdurbin looks at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bcfg2 17:53 dotplus not sure whether I'm going to like it or not, but it's what $newjob has and we ain't changing any time soon 17:54 dotplus I need to learn it and one of the services I will be putting under its control as a learning project will be cobbler 17:55 * jimi_c 's ears pick up 17:59 jimi_c dotplus: let me know if you have cobbler questions, can't help with the bcfg2 though 18:00 jimi_c but in 1 week I'll be officially employed by AnsibleWorks so if you decide to rip it out let me know ;) 18:03 dotplus jimi_c: thanks, I will, but it looks like they have a very boring cobbler install. interesting. is ansible going to keep you on cobbler? where are you leaving for ansible? 18:28 jimi_c i'm currently at Savvis, working as a contractor 18:28 jimi_c no plans currently for cobbler, so it'll remain my side-project (#secondjob)