Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin hell of a thing 00:00 semiosis root@compute-710a:~# fsck /dev/nova_local/ice-0000008c_disk.local1 00:00 semiosis s/local1/local/ 00:00 pdurbin yeah 00:00 semiosis what happens when you try to mount it? 00:00 semiosis that's not in the gist 00:00 pdurbin I was just gonna say 00:00 semiosis agoddard: 00:01 pdurbin I guess local1 is the first partition of local? 00:01 semiosis no 00:01 semiosis 1 is the Start column 00:01 semiosis there's no space between the columns 00:02 pdurbin oh 00:02 agoddard added the above to the gist 00:02 semiosis pdurbin: guessing, actually the columns dont really add up 00:03 semiosis lvdisplay calls it local (without the 1) so that's definitely the name 00:03 semiosis agoddard: NTFS? really? 00:04 pdurbin heh. I had the same thought 00:04 semiosis try mount -t ext4 00:04 semiosis oh i see the 1 is a partition within the LV 00:04 semiosis weird 00:04 semiosis who partitions their LVs?! 00:04 pdurbin semiosis: didn't I just say that? ;) 00:05 semiosis yeah 00:05 semiosis guess so 00:05 agoddard yeah, this is all Openstack generated :( 00:05 agoddard ha, yeah not ntfs.. haha 00:05 agoddard mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/nova_local-ice--0000008c_disk.local, 00:05 agoddard missing codepage or helper program, or other error 00:05 agoddard In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try 00:05 agoddard dmesg | tail or so 00:05 agoddard local1, which I think it the right partition? just gives me mount: special device /dev/mapper/nova_local-ice--0000008c_disk.local1 does not exist 00:08 semiosis agoddard: http://backdrift.org/mounting-a-file-system-on-a-partition-inside-of-an-lvm-volume 00:08 semiosis seems relevant 00:08 semiosis however insane :) 00:09 agoddard awsiq haha.. lemme give it a go 00:10 semiosis awsiq? 00:10 agoddard I spent a long time in a small room with two ruby devs when we were 25, now I speak funny :/ 00:11 semiosis got it 00:12 semiosis afk for a bit, good luck 00:15 agoddard thanks 00:15 agoddard updated gist with kpart info, gonna play with that and google a bit more :D 00:16 agoddard semiosis: I owe you a metric mother load of beer 00:19 agoddard mounting the dm device worked. I tried that earlier, but the dm device from local, not local1 F)*Ckfffnnn partition harshing my mellow. 00:20 pdurbin semiosis: that blog is by the guy who came before me at my last job. never met the guy. heard good things 00:22 pdurbin agoddard: so it was local vs local1? 00:23 agoddard pdurbin: I think kpartx had to create the DM entry, it only worked with the new DM entry 00:23 agoddard if I hit local1 before, it couldn't mount it 00:23 pdurbin agoddard: ah. ok 00:23 pdurbin agoddard: but you're all set now? 00:24 agoddard yep! 00:24 agoddard dude. crimsonfu ftw. 00:24 pdurbin awesome 00:24 pdurbin semiosis: remind me to give you a promotion 00:24 agoddard :D 00:24 agoddard +1 00:25 agoddard not sure what wins now, fixing lvm from Australia via 3G, or fixing a xen problem from the blue ridge parkway on EDGE 00:25 agoddard the winner is: the internet. 00:31 agoddard pdurbin: and just to troll me, it sees it as local1 when it's mounted: https://gist.github.com/agoddard/9074e57ed2a80e715fb2#file-gistfile1-txt-L73 00:35 pdurbin nice 00:37 pdurbin kpartx - Create device maps from partition tables ... This tool, derived from util-linux' partx, reads partition tables on specified device and create device maps over partitions segments detected. It is called from hotplug upon device maps creation and deleā€tion. ... -a Add partition mappings 00:37 pdurbin sounds useful :) 00:41 agoddard certainly was today :) 01:10 semiosis back 01:10 semiosis agoddard: glad my google-fu helped you out 01:11 semiosis my devops-in-strange-places story this week was restarting application servers over ssh from my phone in a movie theater 01:11 semiosis not as exotic as the blue ridge or AU, but out of my ordinary 01:11 agoddard haha nice 01:12 agoddard "stop texting" "I'm not, I'm fixing the internet, shut up and watch the movie" 01:12 semiosis hehehe 01:34 * pdurbin looks at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Ridge_Parkway 01:42 semiosis nice place, you should go! 01:53 pdurbin I'm supposed to go to Charlottesville, Virginia in September. looks like it's pretty close to the start of it (Shenandoah National Park) 17:27 pdurbin how many messages per minute will a typical mail server accept from the same IP before it starts scoring those messages as spam? 17:37 ben_e is there a typical mail server? 17:38 pdurbin I suppose not 18:14 pdurbin I'm gonna say... 10 19:17 semiosis what if that IP belongs to a reputable mail provider? 19:18 semiosis i'm sure aol's MTA receives more than 10/min from gmail's MTA 19:18 pdurbin fine 20 19:18 semiosis lol 19:18 pdurbin those guys have backroom deals 19:19 pdurbin i just mean two random mail servers 19:19 semiosis dkim & spf 19:21 pdurbin yeah