Time Nick Message 03:19 ben_e anyone played with packer yet? http://www.packer.io/intro/index.html 03:19 ben_e looks interesting, and it's from the guy that created vagrant so there's a bit of track record for useful tools there 03:20 ben_e not sure how much traction it's going to have until they get kvm/xen builders 10:52 pdurbin ben_e: I heard him talk about it on a podcast but he only said the name. the rest was secret 10:53 pdurbin "Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration." 10:54 pdurbin seems a lot like Vagrant 11:49 mhayden i've heard some of our openstack devs rave about packer but i haven't messed with it 12:26 pdurbin westmau5: you're an openstack dev 12:44 * mhayden used to dip his toe in openstack development 12:48 pdurbin :) 23:36 agoddard hrmf.. anyone got some cycles to spare to help a guy with an OpenStack/LVM issue? (mostly an LVM issue) 23:39 pdurbin agoddard: sometimes it helps to talk 23:40 * pdurbin wipes a pint glass 23:40 agoddard :D 23:41 agoddard I lost an o/s instance, it wouldn't come back online, then I discovered the compute node had lost one of the cinder disks, so I manually reconnected it with iSCSI and the node booted 23:42 agoddard however I couldn't access anything on it, no ssh, nginx didn't start, so it appeared to have locked up on boot, BUT.. I could still ping it and then I noticed that chef was still running happily on it 0_O 23:43 agoddard so I wrote a cookbook to force ssh on, but still no dice, all that was listening on the machine was NTP and DNS on udp 23:43 agoddard so it seemed like a network thing, but all the other instances on the compute node were fine and the security group hadn't changed.. 23:44 agoddard so then I figured I'd quit while ahead and dump all the data from the node. I mounted the cinder volumes to another host, mounted the root disk locally, everything was happy.. 23:44 agoddard but then I tried to mount the ephemeral disk, 80GB LVM on the compute node and that's where things are going wonky 23:46 agoddard apologies if this comes through crappily formatted: 23:46 agoddard root@compute-710a:~# fdisk -l /dev/nova_local/ice-0000008c_disk.local 23:46 agoddard Disk /dev/nova_local/ice-0000008c_disk.local: 85.9 GB, 85899345920 bytes 23:46 agoddard 16 heads, 63 sectors/track, 166440 cylinders, total 167772160 sectors 23:46 agoddard Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes 23:46 agoddard Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes 23:46 agoddard I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes 23:46 agoddard Disk identifier: 0xca9ea009 23:46 agoddard Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System 23:46 agoddard oh it missed the last line: /dev/nova_local/ice-0000008c_disk.local1 63 167771519 83885728+ 83 Linux 23:46 * agoddard flips table, gists it 23:47 * agoddard is also in Australia on a 3G cell phone connection and has been crankin on this problem all night :| 23:47 agoddard here's the fdisk of the LV https://gist.github.com/agoddard/9074e57ed2a80e715fb2 23:48 agoddard (updated) 23:48 agoddard so what I'm trying to do now is just mount that disk, anywhere 23:49 agoddard updated gist again and added lvdisplay output for it 23:58 agoddard so I dunno if I'm using the wrong device name, or there's something funky going on.. LVM thinks the volume is fine in the lvmdump report, but it seems like I lost the filesystem? 23:58 pdurbin agoddard: sorry, man. I've got two kids in a bath and no ideas for you :( 23:59 agoddard no probs man, I'll keep tappin' away, maybe I'm tired and just missing something :/ 23:59 pdurbin lvdisplay says it's fine but you can't mount it? 23:59 agoddard yep