Time Nick Message 00:06 semiosis laugh 00:06 semiosis seems to be something to do with AWT classes being used 00:06 semiosis i commented out the webcam parts of the code and the app starts up now 00:07 semiosis with that code enabled though i get a strange error saying that the jvm can not fully start headless mode -- which of course isnt what i want 00:21 pdurbin webcam. so fancy 00:26 semiosis yeah, it scans QR codes :) 00:26 semiosis https://github.com/sarxos/webcam-capture/tree/master/webcam-capture-examples/webcam-capture-qrcode 00:26 semiosis it was shockingly easy 00:27 semiosis afk 00:51 pdurbin huh. transferring gigabytes between two laptops. moved them both closer to the wifi access point. expected faster speeds but not double 00:56 pdurbin somebody rolled me up a vagrant base box! didn't "just work" on mac. hoping for better luck on linux