Time Nick Message 13:40 ben_e capturing stdout/err in bash is easy 13:40 ben_e tcsh is not as flexible with redirection as bash 13:40 ben_e but if you have a working perl script, why would you convert it to a shell script? 13:41 ben_e i think the deafening silence is because no one wants to encourage you down that path :P 13:43 pdurbin heh. it's not for me. I'm happy with my solution :) 13:43 pdurbin ben_e: but thanks 15:56 ben_e vim has syntax highlighting for strace output 15:56 * ben_e whuggles vim 15:59 pdurbin :) 17:01 larsks Here's a fun article on securely managing a password "database" with vim: http://pig-monkey.com/2013/04/4/password-management-vim-gnupg/ 19:12 pdurbin larsks: from a glance that seems like kinda what I do 19:12 pdurbin meanwhile... 19:12 pdurbin osx - Why do I get files like ._foo in my tarball on OS X? - Super User - http://superuser.com/questions/61185/why-do-i-get-files-like-foo-in-my-tarball-on-os-x 19:12 pdurbin bleh! 19:12 pdurbin "OS X's tar also knows how to convert the ._ members back to native formats, but the ._ files are usually kept when archives are extracted on other platforms." 19:14 semiosis http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/1995-06-24/ 19:14 semiosis "Here's a nickel , kid. Get yourself a better computer" 19:14 pdurbin grr 19:15 pdurbin ;) 19:15 pdurbin do i need to support these crazy tarballs created by mac users? 19:16 pdurbin http://superuser.com/questions/212896/is-there-any-way-to-prevent-a-mac-from-creating-dot-underscore-files 19:16 semiosis wow, finally got the AC fixed in my office and now i'm freezing :D 19:34 pdurbin if (!"._".equals(finalFileName.substring(0, 2))) { ... do the thing ... } 19:42 semiosis pdurbin: ! filanFileName.startsWith("._") 19:42 semiosis s/filan/final/ 19:44 pdurbin semiosis: oh yeah. whoops, already committed 19:44 semiosis hehe 19:44 pdurbin semiosis: this is why we keep you around :) 19:44 semiosis awww 19:48 pdurbin semiosis: here you go: more readable, removed noisy println · 5719ca2 · IQSS/dvn - https://github.com/IQSS/dvn/commit/5719ca2 19:48 pdurbin thanks 20:38 pdurbin [dataverse] DATA CURATOR HULK (@DATACURATORHULK) is now following you on Twitter! 20:38 pdurbin awesome 20:39 ben_e HULK SMASH BIG DATA? 22:02 pdurbin Twitter / DATACURATORHULK: HULK SMASH IRRESPONSIBLE DATA ANALYSIS - https://twitter.com/DATACURATORHULK/status/325257512653815808 23:02 semiosis jumping between platforms to make native installers of the javafx app... spent an hour on windows, then one on mac, reminds me just how bad windows is 23:02 semiosis not even a decent terminal! 23:07 pdurbin semiosis: it can play netflix at least 23:07 pdurbin of course, so can my toaster 23:35 semiosis hahahaha 23:36 semiosis hey quick mac question... i added some simple envvar exports to .bashrc but bashrc doesnt seem to get evaluated either in iterm2 or an ssh session 23:36 semiosis #lazyweb & all that 23:36 semiosis never mind, http://hayne.net/MacDev/Notes/unixFAQ.html#shellStartup 23:37 pdurbin :) 23:48 semiosis well the javafx app doesnt run at all on the mac 23:48 semiosis yippee 23:57 pdurbin should I laugh or cry?