Time Nick Message 11:11 pdurbin oh good, _ilbot is back 15:02 codex hi 15:02 codex if anyone is using puppet, would you mind giving this a try: https://github.com/ventz/pgsvr 15:02 codex it seems to work perfectly on ubuntu, and i've added rhel + centos support 15:15 pdurbin "pgsvr - Puppet Git Sync via REST" 15:57 pdurbin I'm using Capture::Tiny in Perl to capture stderr etc like this: ( $stdout, $stderr, $exit ) = capture { system( $cmd, @args ); }; at https://github.com/dvn/dvn-sourceforge2github/blob/master/convert but is capturing stderr easy in bash or tcsh as well? 16:33 pdurbin are you mad at me for even mentioning tcsh? :) 17:22 melodie pdurbin who ? who ? give us names! XD 17:28 pdurbin hmm, if tcsh were a person... 23:13 pdurbin your deafening silence can mean only one thing: perl is awesome and I should stick with it :)