Time Nick Message 02:28 semiosis tidesdk is not going well for me :( 02:28 semiosis apparently it needs to be built, but that's non-trivial on ubuntu 02:40 pdurbin is it trivial on mac and windows? 02:42 semiosis isn't everything? 02:42 semiosis i dont know 02:53 pdurbin it's a decent idea anyway. web technologies as a native app 02:54 pdurbin semiosis: can you do the whole thing in javascript and embed it all on a single html page you give to people? 02:55 semiosis doubtful, i need to recursively scan a directory 02:57 semiosis afaik the only way to read a file is with the file input element 02:57 semiosis that's not powerful enough 02:57 semiosis starting to play with javafx now 03:01 pdurbin huh. lemme know how it goes 03:02 semiosis sure thing 13:56 semiosis pdurbin: javafx rocks! 13:56 pdurbin heh 13:57 semiosis http://www.zenjava.com/2012/11/24/from-zero-to-javafx-in-5-minutes/ 13:58 semiosis because maven, of course 13:59 semiosis i'm pleased to see that javafx abandoned its scripting language, that thing sucked 13:59 semiosis now it's just a declarative UI language (in XML of course) combined with java code 14:00 semiosis and conventions make it super easy, for example: add a UI element to the XML file and set an id attribute on it. then you can bind that to your java code by making an instance variable with the same name as the id and annotating it with @FXML 14:01 semiosis so you dont have to write binding code 14:01 semiosis or event handlers, etc 14:02 semiosis actions/events work similarly... make a method in your controller class, then give the UI element an onAction attribute with the name of the method 14:02 semiosis it just works 14:02 semiosis anyway, gotta run, bbl 14:03 pdurbin at first I read that as @FML 14:11 pdurbin with java everything is xml 14:20 * pdurbin claws his eyes out 15:19 agoddard ben_e: heyooo 15:20 agoddard yeah we want to swap it out at some point for ceph or swift, but we have a very specific use case for the data -we basically want to serve a few million files over HTTP (and only over http) 15:21 agoddard we're doing a metrics hack day today which I'm running so gonna be afk a bunch 15:26 pdurbin agoddard: what was this crazy tweet of yours? 15:30 agoddard pdurbin: about gluster? 15:30 pdurbin yeah 15:35 semiosis pdurbin: now that you're using an IDE it's time to embrace XML 15:35 pdurbin semiosis: I go back and forth between formatting my XML in netbeans and vim. I should probably pick a command line tool 15:36 * agoddard searches tweets, has a bad memory 15:36 pdurbin lol 15:36 semiosis pdurbin: xmllint 15:36 agoddard probably that I wanted to swap to swap gluster when it wasn't behaving, but I ended up upgrading it all and it's been rock solid 15:37 pdurbin semiosis: +1 15:38 ben_e i can't find it either 15:38 ben_e maybe i imagined it in a dream 15:39 pdurbin ben_e: you need a vacation 15:39 ben_e no shit 15:39 ben_e :-)