Time Nick Message 17:03 ben_e ahh, villainy 17:03 ben_e that's a good word 17:03 ben_e larsks gets the triple word score for the day 17:04 ben_e who's using high availability storage for their VM infrastructure? 17:05 ben_e we use ovirt+kvm for our in-house service VMs 17:06 ben_e and it seems like the RH tech roadmap is to push things towards the glusterfs storage driver for kvm 17:07 ben_e but lurking on the gluster mailing list has given me the willies 17:15 larsks ben_e: What in particular has given you willies? 17:50 pdurbin ben_e: gluster is good medicine 18:20 semiosis visualvm \o/ 18:20 semiosis pdurbin: if you haven't seen it, check it out 18:20 semiosis google visualvm 18:20 crimsonfubot http://visualvm.java.net/ 18:29 pdurbin semiosis: it's built into netbeans 18:29 semiosis lol 18:29 semiosis ok so netbeans has some redeeming values 18:41 semiosis ben_e: i think it's fair to say everyone doing vm storage on glusterfs to date are "early adopters" 18:42 semiosis historically glusterfs wasnt well suited for that kind of workload, more for application data -- in hpc, multimedia, medical/science types of uses 18:43 semiosis but redhat seems to be putting a lot of effort into getting glusterfs ready for vm storage 19:22 semiosis has anyone heard of or used tidesdk? 19:22 semiosis google tidesdk 19:22 crimsonfubot http://www.tidesdk.org/ 19:23 semiosis i need to make a simple cross-platform uploader app and was thinking javafx, but found this in a search for alternatives 19:27 semiosis http://stackoverflow.com/a/13617473 19:28 pdurbin "Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript... TideSDK is the new standard for creating beautiful and unique desktop apps using your web development skills." 19:28 pdurbin haven't heard of it. sounds interesting 19:28 semiosis that SO answer (apparently from a tidesdk dev) makes it sound really good 19:41 pdurbin semiosis: can it be a command line app? 20:00 semiosis dont know, but when i find out i'll let you know 20:47 pdurbin semiosis: what's the most cross platform way to write a command line app? 20:47 semiosis java 21:24 ben_e sh! :-) 21:24 ben_e not for windows i guess 21:26 ben_e larsks: not a specific thing i guess 21:26 ben_e i realize the mailing list is going to primarily be filled with people reporting/working on problems 21:27 ben_e so it's not necessarily indicative of the overall quality of the project 21:29 ben_e lots of anecdotal data points from people in the vicinity 21:29 ben_e e.g. fasrc having issues with theirs 21:30 ben_e agoddard tweeted about swapping out his glusterfs 21:30 semiosis link? 21:30 ben_e for which? 21:30 semiosis the tweet? 21:31 semiosis never mind, not important 21:32 semiosis just curious if there was some explanation associated 21:33 ben_e no, it was tossed off 21:33 ben_e i can't find it now 21:33 ben_e maybe it was tongue in cheek 21:33 semiosis heh 21:33 ben_e since iirc he wanted to replace it with ceph 21:33 * ben_e pokes agoddard 21:34 ben_e how do you search all of a single person's tweets? 21:35 semiosis idk 21:36 ben_e hms it built a test gluster cluster for use with their compute cluster and after it fell over a few times, they went another way 21:36 ben_e maybe i just need to read more gluster success stories 21:37 ben_e semiosis: i think your point about being an early adopter for the qemu+gluster is playing a part too 21:45 pdurbin comptona: you're our ceph and openstack guy 21:47 pdurbin ben_e: cool that you're using ovirt. on centos? 21:49 ben_e currently on centos 21:50 ben_e using version 3.1 and a 3.2 test box on fedora 21:51 pdurbin ben_e: before were you using vmware? vanilla kvm? something else? 21:52 ben_e that side of things was kvm+virt manager "before" 21:53 pdurbin ok. that's what I'd call vanilla kvm 21:53 ben_e nods 21:53 ben_e our senior sysadmin left and was replaced with 3 more junior guys 21:53 pdurbin ben_e: you like ovirt better? 21:54 ben_e and since the stuff i do relies on the infrastructure they run, i decided to insert myself more into the admin process 21:54 ben_e there's a lot of "how is this set up?" and being met with blank stares :-) 21:54 ben_e the ovirt feature set is nice 21:55 ben_e the 3.1 install we have it a bit wiggy 21:55 ben_e i think the previous sysadmin mangled it a bit to get it to run on centos 21:56 pdurbin I thought oVirt was Fedora only 22:06 pdurbin seemed nice. nice feature set. much heavier than vanilla kvm 22:49 pdurbin ben_e: don't forget about #sourcefu! doin' a little dance over there: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-06-19 :) 22:59 comptona pdurbin: you rang? :-) 23:00 comptona we're still using ceph, I'm building out a new cluster with better infrastructure as we speak 23:08 pdurbin ben_e: see? use ceph 23:10 comptona although I ran into a bug recently where apparently it's not possible to perform directio writes > 8 MB to CephFS 23:10 comptona which is lame 23:11 pdurbin -1