Time Nick Message 18:35 pdurbin GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer - http://goaccess.prosoftcorp.com 19:48 codex did you guys hear about this: http://instantserver.io/ 19:49 codex Free Amazon EC2 instances for 35 minutes 19:49 codex pdurbin: goaccess huh? ;) 19:51 pdurbin codex: some little bird told me about it 19:51 pdurbin and no, hadn't heard of it 19:51 codex :) 19:51 codex i use that on spacecompute 19:51 codex to figure out who's domain uses up 25GB per day 19:53 semiosis http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/instantserver.io -- down 19:53 codex hmm, i can get to it from here 19:53 codex i wonder if it's released in certain regious? 19:53 codex regions* 19:54 codex i take that back...the VM is up but the main website IS down 20:41 larsks Probably too many people using their 35 minute VMs to commit acts of villainy. 21:11 pdurbin heh