Time Nick Message 02:14 pdurbin hmm, so Thursday night there's an evening event followed by a pub crawl: http://www.redhat.com/summit/agenda/glance.html 02:57 mhayden pdurbin: i'm up for that 02:58 mhayden are we doing basketball watching tomorrow night? 02:59 pdurbin mhayden: oh, is that the plan? where? 02:59 mhayden not sure yet 02:59 mhayden i added you to a google hangout 03:24 semiosis +1 basketball 03:24 semiosis lets do it! 03:25 semiosis signing off for the night. see you tomorrow 10:47 pdurbin which one of you out of towners brought the lovely weather? 15:04 semiosis I'm in Boston (traffic) 15:10 pdurbin heh 15:16 ben_e good to get the real boston experience while you're here 18:17 JoeJulian pdurbin: I thought the rain was to make me feel welcome. 18:18 JoeJulian Was pretty ironic to leave Seattle on a sunny day (rain was forecast) and land on a rainy Boston night. 19:06 pdurbin :) 20:40 pdurbin semiosis: basketball you say? 20:40 semiosis Yes yes yes 20:41 semiosis Can you recommend a place? 20:41 ben_e you're at the hynes? 20:43 semiosis I just left, walked to my hotel about to check in 20:43 semiosis Brb 20:49 semiosis Back 20:52 ben_e where are you staying again? 20:53 semiosis Kenmore Sq 21:18 pdurbin "a lot of TVs" at Boston Beer Works (near Fenway Park) according to http://www.yelp.com/biz/boston-beer-works-boston-2 21:22 semiosis Yeah I was looking on yelp too. I could of course take the t if there's a better place in another area 21:28 melodie hi 21:29 melodie pdurbin have you thought again about what you want to write at the forum? 21:29 pdurbin semiosis: this place is near me, couple miles west of where you are: http://www.thecoolidgecornerclubhouse.com/location.php ... lots of TVs :) 21:30 pdurbin melodie: yes, but I gotta pick up the kids now :) 21:31 melodie did I say anything about hurrying? XD 21:31 melodie got get the children, and hug them 21:31 melodie :D 21:36 semiosis pdurbin: so I take it you're up to catch the game 21:36 semiosis Who else is coming along? All are welcome 21:50 semiosis The ccc looks good. Meet there around 8:30? 21:51 semiosis Heading back to the Hynes to hang out at the gluster dev lounge die a bit 21:52 semiosis Swipe typing fail 21:52 semiosis S/die/for/ 21:56 pdurbin_m semiosis: works for me 21:56 pdurbin_m mhayden: you? 21:56 pdurbin_m JoeJulian: you? 22:22 pdurbin_m mhayden: you're out https://mobile.twitter.com/majorhayden/status/344579272624730112 22:23 pdurbin_m ben_e: coming? 22:25 ben_e mebbe 22:25 ben_e the 6 year old has been having night terrors 22:25 ben_e the going to bed thing has been a bit rough recently 22:26 pdurbin ben_e: bring it along