Time Nick Message 03:00 agoddard crimsonfubot: kill the whoopbot pls. 03:00 crimsonfubot agoddard: Error: "kill" is not a valid command. 03:00 agoddard crimsonfubot: :| 03:00 crimsonfubot agoddard: Error: ":|" is not a valid command. 10:04 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky whoopbot 10:04 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wltQgR4hOzY 10:05 pdurbin hoboy. not gonna click that 12:46 ben_e maurice sendak day on google.com 12:52 mhayden pdurbin: i forgot -- are you doing the RH summit this year? 12:53 pdurbin mhayden: nope. can I be your guest at Fenway? :) 12:53 mhayden haha, i don't know what the big party plans are this year, honestly 12:53 mhayden i only know of the RHCP party at McGreevy's 12:54 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky rhcp redhat 12:54 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.redhat.com/summit/awards/rhcp/ 12:55 mhayden ah, the after hours events aren't listed on the event site 13:50 melodie hello 14:13 larsks|phone anyone else at the RedHat summit this week? 14:19 melodie hi larsks|phone 14:19 melodie not me! ^^ 15:11 semiosis larsks: i'll be there tomorrow morning through sunday 15:12 semiosis larsks: mhayden & JoeJulian will be there too afaik 15:12 semiosis oh wait, he's gone 15:17 mhayden i fly to the summit tomorrow morning 15:17 semiosis mhayden: we should go catch a basketball game, tomorrow night maybe? 15:18 semiosis or thursday 15:19 mhayden as long as it's done by 7PM since that's my bedtime 15:19 mhayden are you talking about NBA basketball? 15:19 semiosis yeah, you're from san antonio, right? i'm from miami :) 15:21 semiosis s/from/in/ 15:22 semiosis bbiab 16:20 mhayden semiosis: yeah, is game 3 tomorrow night? 16:20 semiosis yep 19:21 ben_e mostly spurs fans in boston right now 20:13 semiosis I just got a d.wade jersey for the trip 20:13 semiosis :) 20:17 semiosis seeing as the heat & celtics are rivals i expect most of the locals to be rooting for the spurs 20:17 ben_e nods 20:19 codex ironcamel: got an apache suexec question for you. I am using 'puppet' for the user/group for suexec, for a specific vhost - trying to get 'puppet module install puppetlabs/stdlib' for example to run. It doesn't seem t work, but if i do 'su - puppet' and run it then, it works perfectly. It doesn't really make sense 20:19 codex pdurbin said you have used suexec/know a bit about it 20:20 ironcamel codex: sorry, i have no idea. magoo, do you have a clue ^^^ ? 20:22 codex ironcamel: sorry, phill meant whorka - he is not here though 23:20 melodie good night