Time Nick Message 16:51 melodie in France there are several non for profit associations who offer hostings for Free projects either at no cost of for very small fees. Does that also exist in US ? (apart from riseup.net which does not do websites and forum hostings) 16:54 pdurbin nope 16:55 pdurbin well, maybe. I dunno. GitHub Pages is free 17:04 melodie that's not forum hosting or website hosting. :) 17:15 pdurbin melodie: ah. you want free LAMP hosting? 17:16 melodie sure 17:24 melodie well we do have some right now, but never know how things will come out next. I hope the mail I sent to the support team will bring some improvements for the forum 17:36 pdurbin melodie: I used to host a website for free here: StoneRocket - Free cPanel Hosting with PHP & MySQL, Email Accounts, FTP, Softaculous and No Ads - http://www.stonerocket.net 17:37 melodie so that exists. What is their goal? 18:04 pdurbin dunno 18:05 pdurbin melodie: oh, you can host 3 webapps (including LAMP) for free at https://www.openshift.com 18:08 pdurbin and I hear Google App Engine supports PHP now, but I don't know if they support MySQL 18:26 pdurbin melodie: this is a LAMP app I host on OpenShift for free: http://lmplegacy-pdurbin.rhcloud.com (code at https://github.com/pdurbin/lmp-legacy if anyone wants it) 18:32 melodie pdurbin lamp is 4 apps joined together indepentdly, in most places I know 18:32 melodie I look at openshift, thanks :) 18:35 melodie pdurbin this https://www.openshift.com would me more for devs, it seems 18:35 pdurbin yep 18:36 pdurbin but you can't argue with free ;) 18:36 melodie I don't 19:06 pdurbin oh, right, this is why I switched: "Stonerocket has now stopped our free hosting" -- https://twitter.com/stonerocket/status/155211039087140865