Time Nick Message 11:48 mhayden JoeJulian: can't tell if melodie was trolling or attempting to learn ;) 12:07 pdurbin mhayden: definitely attempting to learn. she's the co-founder of http://wonderstudy.github.io 12:07 mhayden ah, okay 12:07 mhayden i've been getting trolled profusely lately 12:08 mhayden had a discussion last night over beer about why engineers are so afraid to make blog posts and engage in social media 12:08 mhayden especially about the projects they're working on and passionate about 12:09 pdurbin they're afraid of being trolled? 13:26 ben_e i just figured blog posts were another form of documentation 13:26 ben_e and we all love documentation 13:26 ben_e except when we have to write it 13:26 ben_e :-) 19:42 JoeJulian I haven't really been trolled yet. 20:29 melodie is there someone who could explain a few things to me related to dumping sql databases with a command line in a cron? I have a practical example at hand 20:32 larsks_ Maybe. What's yer question? 20:34 larsks_ We're doing regular nightly dumps from both MySQL and Postgresql. 20:34 melodie oh ok 20:37 melodie larsks I wonder if the two options in here: 20:37 melodie mysqldump -u -p -c --add-drop-table --add-locks --quick --lock-tables | gzip > /home/user/backup/$(date +"%Y-%m-% d_ % H % M")_database.sql.gz 2>&1 20:37 melodie --lock-tables and --add-drop-table are the best one to be used? 20:39 melodie are they relevant? 20:39 larsks The man pages suggest that --single-transaction is better than --lock-tables (because it won't cause other clients to hang waiting for the dump to complete). This requires InnoDB tables, I think. 20:40 larsks Locking tables is useful to ensure a consistent backup, but does have an operational impact. 20:40 melodie which is it ? 20:40 melodie is it heavy? 20:41 melodie does it prevent an access to the website/forum which is backed up at that moment? 20:41 larsks The operational impact is that any other clients will block trying to update the tables until the database is completely backed up. 20:41 larsks So yes, if the website/forum needs to make changes, it will hang during the backup. 20:42 larsks The --single-transaction option gets you consistency without blocking, but it requires that you are using a transactional database engine. 20:42 melodie ok 20:42 melodie I think we have MyISAM type of tables and not InnoDB 20:42 larsks The --add-drop-table isn't terribly important; it means that you can load the dump into an existing database and it will automatically destroy and then re-create tables rather than failing with an error if the table already exists. 20:43 melodie oh good 20:44 melodie it avoids having to drop tables prior to uploading 20:45 melodie larsks thank you very much 20:45 larsks No problem! 20:47 melodie do you find Postgresql harder to put to work than mysql or is it just the same to you? I ask because I found Postgresql having less step by step docs which could be used as is when I tried to have one working (on a local machine to try an app, once) 20:48 melodie I have heard more than once that Postgresql would be stronger than Mysql for production work. Do you think this is a true statement, or not 100% right? 20:48 larsks I find Postgresql both easier to work with and more importantly SANER to work with. 20:49 larsks I never wonder wether or not I have transactional semantics and foreign key support available, for example. 20:49 larsks I have always found the postgresql reference documentation to be excellent. 20:50 larsks I know that the Puppetlabs folks gave up on Mysql support for various reasons, primarily lack of support for certain types of queries that they rely on. 20:50 larsks (http://docs.puppetlabs.com/puppetdb/latest/configure.html) 20:50 melodie I was probably not lucky or too newbie, I found docs which where not exactly matching the version I think. Anyhow never mind, I just wanted your opinion. It seems this is part of your job, right? 20:51 melodie ok 20:51 melodie perhaps "MariaDB" will be developed in a better way than the MysqlDB they just forked? 20:52 larsks I haven't really followed the MariaDB development. 20:53 melodie all I can say about it is it just replaced Mysql in the Archlinux official repositories. :) 20:53 melodie it might be a choice related espacially to "Free software philosophy" 20:54 melodie larsks and again thank you very much for taking the time and sharing your knowledge! 20:54 larsks Yes, many distributions are switching to MariaDB for licensing reasons... 20:55 melodie :) 20:56 melodie what exactly is PuppetDB? 20:58 larsks PuppetDB is Puppet's storage backend for holding host "facts", Puppet run reports, and other similar metadata. 20:58 melodie I'll bbl. :)