Time Nick Message 16:25 melodie hi 16:52 pdurbin melodie: hi. what's new? 16:53 melodie hi pdurbin 16:53 melodie let me think 16:53 melodie this is new (title : "guess where you appeared") Devinez où vous êtes apparu - http://linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,372.0.html 16:54 melodie just click to the link in the post, you will have a fun game to do: guess where on Earth you are? :) 16:54 pdurbin the link is for http://geoguessr.com 16:55 melodie yes 16:55 melodie you knew it? :D 16:55 pdurbin nope. new to me 16:56 pdurbin heh. I got 1790 points for a completely random guess :) 16:56 pdurbin seems fun. thanks 16:57 pdurbin melodie: do you remember how were were talking once about having member pages where you write down your time zone? 16:58 melodie I remember you talked about it 16:58 pdurbin I recently added "pdurbin (-0500/-0400)" to http://indiewebcamp.com/IRC_People 16:58 melodie I am not much into that kind of thing though 16:58 pdurbin "A list of IRC regulars, sorted by nick, and their normal timezones (winter/summer)." 16:58 melodie you told me about it 16:59 melodie pdurbin what use do you see for it? 16:59 pdurbin well, at http://indiewebcamp.com/IRC_People there are a variety of time zones 16:59 pdurbin it seems helpful 17:02 pdurbin anyway, the main reason I added myself to that wiki was that I was curious about the authentication system they use. rather than a traditional username/password you sign in with your domain (for me http://greptilian.com ) using a system called IndieAuth 17:02 pdurbin IndieAuth - Sign in with your domain name - https://indieauth.com 17:03 pdurbin this is my write up about IndieAuth: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/XHAQqzRQW9k 17:03 pdurbin it's somewhat like OpenID 17:03 pdurbin which I never bothered to set up 17:04 pdurbin IndieAuth is easier, in my opinion. it sends the auth request to another site such as GitHub or Google 17:08 melodie ok 17:08 pdurbin :) 17:09 pdurbin shuff would appreciate this. where the hell is shuff? 17:09 pdurbin speaking of member pages, at least he has one: http://crimsonfu.github.io/members/shuff 17:10 melodie on this kind of page: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2013-05-30#t1369963742 the fonts are too thin for my sight, and zoomin in does not help, it makes them bigger but not ticker 17:11 melodie he has a gpg key. Do you do gpg key signing parties sometimes? 17:13 melodie pdurbin reading here now: https://indieauth.com 17:13 * pdurbin tweets at shuff: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/341240932613623808 17:13 melodie " We should not be relying on Twitter or Facebook to provide our authenticated identities, we should be able to use our own domain names to log in to sites everywhere." 17:13 melodie is it false to think that O-Auth does the same thing? 17:14 pdurbin probably indieauth uses oauth 17:14 pdurbin I haven't gotten around to setting up GPG keys for myself. some day. I played with encrypted email a decade ago but that's about it 17:15 pdurbin I guess we used to sign our RPMs with GPG keys too 17:15 pdurbin but I've never had a personal one 17:23 melodie ok 17:23 melodie I wonder if people in US care less than in Europe about privacy or if it's only a range of people? 17:24 pdurbin Germany seems to greatly value privacy 17:32 melodie which clues do you have related to that? 17:32 melodie (phone) 17:37 pdurbin Jeff Jarvis says this all the time on This Week in Google 17:38 pdurbin he calls it Blurmany because some Germans what Google to blur their pictures on Street View (part of Google Maps) 18:30 pdurbin_m want* 18:41 pdurbin_m melodie: I got some chatter going at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/06/02/%23ubuntu-women-project.html 18:42 pdurbin_m about a post by a female sysadmin about women in tech 18:43 pdurbin_m https://plus.google.com/110918605531791372572/posts/NTs2xn5dzu3 18:43 melodie bbl 23:18 melodie is there anyone in the present chan who happens to live in California? 23:19 melodie I have a new Google Earth running in my tower, (64bits Archlinux install) and I visited some parts with it, it looks quite nice! 23:19 melodie I wonder if it was more hot there than in France last 10 days, here we have been almost freezing! ^^ 23:19 melodie pdurbin I have looked at your links. :) 23:26 pdurbin it's been hot in Boston. and our furnace kicked on because the thermostat is in my neighbor's unit and they had their A/C way up :( 23:27 melodie does this mean your appartment was getting very hot because your neighbor used all the cooling for himself? 23:29 melodie pdurbin in fact I am looking for someone who could talk to me about the way the current life goes in California, San Francisco 23:29 melodie I try to find clues on the web atm 23:30 melodie thinking of heat, in France we are not many yet using air conditioning. I have learned a tip to cool the air without and air conditionning. would you like me to tell you about it? 23:30 pdurbin it does mean my apartment was getting even hotter until I went to the furnace itself and shut it off manually. then we went to a park and cooled off in a fountain until the radiators cooled off 23:31 melodie ok I get it now 23:31 melodie what does "A/C" stand for? 23:31 pdurbin very frustrating 23:31 melodie sure. :-( 23:31 pdurbin A/C is for air conditioning 23:31 melodie oh yes ! XD 23:31 melodie ok. :) 23:32 melodie so about the tip? Interested? 23:33 pdurbin oh sure 23:35 melodie it could be useful, if you need to get the A/C lower, or if it is exceptionnally broken when the season is hot. 23:36 melodie you will fill a basin with water, and use a fan which will blow above the surface of the water 23:37 melodie I had done that in a house where I was living. All shutter closed and this setup allowed to have about 26° C whereas outside it was almost 40° C 23:38 melodie it raises the level of humidity and brings a feeling of freshness 23:38 pdurbin I've hear this tip before but I've never tried it 23:38 melodie I have, I must say it helps 23:39 pdurbin cool 23:39 pdurbin ;) 23:39 melodie of course when the weather was so hot I would open the windows only starting from 3 am to about 6 am :D 23:39 melodie therefore keeping the fresh air inside as long as possible 23:40 melodie I have been in the US when I was 16 and I was amazed about the A/C, at that time no one I know of had such a system in France. In the middle of summer I almost caught a cold. XD 23:46 pdurbin we try not to use it too much 23:50 melodie :) 23:50 melodie I have it in my car and I really could not go without it anymore. 23:51 melodie there are times during summer if I don't lower at least 5°C less it's just impossible for me to drive safely