Time Nick Message 15:55 ijstokes hey crimsonfu: looking for Python ninjas interested in speaking (or running a tutorial) at PyData Boston last weekend in July. interested, let me know. free admission for speakers! 15:57 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky pydata boston 15:57 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.meetup.com/bostonpython/messages/51613952/?action=detail&messageId=51613952 15:58 ijstokes nice try crimsonfubot! 16:01 ijstokes website just going live today, but eventbrite is up: http://pydataboston-es2.eventbrite.com/ 16:08 pdurbin ijstokes: sounds pretty awesome. you might want to share it here: Scientific Python - Google+ - https://plus.google.com/communities/108773711053400791849 20:02 melodie hello 20:41 IanSR pdurbin: are you at IQSS? A SEAS grad student just asked if I had any contacts there and he's looking for some social science "computing" summer project to work on. 20:42 melodie IanSR hi, what is "social science computing?" 20:42 IanSR The kind of stuff IQSS does! 20:43 melodie I would guess about "social science", about "computing", but both together, 20:43 melodie ? 20:43 IanSR quantitative social science, statistical analysis, some kinds of econometrics, etc. 20:43 IanSR Google for "digital humanities". 20:43 crimsonfubot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_humanities 20:43 IanSR You go crimsonfubot! 20:43 semiosis ha 20:44 melodie thanks IanSR 21:09 pdurbin IanSR: yes, I'm back at IQSS now: http://people.iq.harvard.edu/~pdurbin 21:12 pdurbin IanSR: maybe see if any of these programs interest him: http://www.iq.harvard.edu/books/programs 21:12 pdurbin I think IQSS has a pretty broad definition of what constitutes social science :)