Time Nick Message 00:00 melodie hi 00:01 melodie I have used some time to figure out a good way to reinstall the linuxvillage forum on the domain www.linuxvillage.net and to make it as it was at beta.linuxvillage.net : almost there! 00:03 melodie it's online but the encoding is wrong. I don't know yet which solution is the best to make it right, as the db dumps are ok with utf8, the db itself seems ok, so I consider playing with "recode -d" and such to redo the db 00:05 JoeJulian I thought you didn't use databases. ;) 00:08 melodie hi JoeJulian 00:08 melodie how did you think? 00:10 JoeJulian I thought I saw you presenting the case for flat files the other day. 00:13 melodie we have a forum : SMF which uses mysql, a brand new wiki, DokuWiki which does not use databases, and a CMS, Wordpress, which does make use of databases 00:13 melodie you probably saw me presenting DokuWiki? 00:48 pdurbin ben_e: I did meet semiosis. briefly. hopefully again when he's in town for the red hat summit. (and others) 00:50 JoeJulian We'll definitely meet up when we're out there. 00:50 pdurbin great 00:51 pdurbin JoeJulian: I was linking to some database haters this week 00:51 pdurbin this was actually part of their argument... problems restoring 00:51 pdurbin melodie: which you seem to be having? :( 00:51 JoeJulian In fact, precisely utf8 00:51 pdurbin shoot, I wanted more :) in here 00:52 melodie hi, you can see at http://linuxvillage.net : but I have good hope I will find a solution for the encoding. 00:52 melodie I just need some time during the day with some quiet... 00:52 pdurbin melodie: it's back! \o/ 00:52 melodie it's somewhere else 00:53 melodie I have reinstalled it as a companion domain on a hosting which is not a dedicated one, I just hope it's not going to be too heavy for the account I have there 00:53 pdurbin hmm. ok 00:53 melodie and the encoding is not correct 00:54 melodie so I have to find out the best method to get it right 00:54 melodie as soon as I will be ready to test things, I'll put the forum on maintenance mode 00:54 pdurbin melodie: how are you managing the database? command line? cpanel? 00:55 melodie phpmyadmin 00:55 melodie cpanel is just a large control center which points to different tools 00:55 pdurbin ok, so phpmyadmin. it's pretty powerful. maybe you can change the encoding somehow 00:55 melodie some sql commands can also be thrown throught phpmyadmin (perhaps you know that already) 00:56 melodie I have found a text file I kept from some years ago and that gave me ideas 00:56 melodie and also I have found on the web someone who says something about the db exported in the wrong encoding 00:56 melodie I'll see... 00:57 pdurbin melodie: ok, please keep us updated. my three year old needs a bedtime story. "Martha Calling" is what she picked 00:57 melodie I did some tests with the commande "recode" that has effects, so I'll do one to several tests 00:57 melodie pdurbin ok, good story then! and give it the right intonation! :D 00:58 JoeJulian pdurbin: make sure you bring your 3yo. I'll be bringing mine. 01:00 melodie JoeJulian are you a club of 3yo-ers ? :) 01:01 ben_e i have a 3 yo... can i join? 01:01 melodie that makes 3 01:01 melodie are you all going to put up common birthday parties too? 01:23 melodie good night 02:12 pdurbin ben_e: sure. you should meet some more folks 02:12 pdurbin jimi_c_: are you coming to boston for the red hat summit? 02:18 jimi_c_ unfortunately not this year :( 02:19 jimi_c_ i'm a lowly contractor right now, i don't think they'll spring for the trip 02:19 jimi_c_ i can't believe that was almost a year ago though 11:21 pdurbin jimi_c_: ah. bummer 22:40 melodie hi 23:13 pdurbin_m melodie: how is your database? all fixed? 23:14 melodie pdurbin_m yes, thanks to Yoshi's help 23:15 pdurbin_m great! 23:15 melodie once he understood what the problem was coming from he found the way to fix it and a few seconds after I had done it! 23:15 melodie just some quotes are missing, but I think it must be only a few quotes from the last week before the forum was out of reach 23:16 pdurbin_m ok 23:16 pdurbin_m what was the fix? 23:38 melodie pdurbin the fix: 23:39 melodie http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-05-25#i_7116147 23:39 melodie here 23:49 pdurbin_m melodie: interesting. thanks 23:51 pdurbin_m this wifi is pretty spotty. on vacation in the white mountains 23:52 melodie pdurbin_m I would have considered using recode -d utf8..latin1 file.sql 23:52 melodie then import the result and put it back to utf8 from within phpmyadmin 23:53 melodie with these two: 23:53 melodie SET NAMES 'utf8'; 23:53 melodie TYPE=MyISAM, CHARACTER SET UTF8; 23:54 melodie but the SMF admin features already have it, just something was blocking (bad_behavior latin1 table) so this is why Yoshi offered to use that solution