Time Nick Message 14:27 semiosis seeing a pattern of support requests in irc 14:27 semiosis someone turns up & says they have the same problem as somebody wrote about in a blog post 14:28 semiosis then goes on to say the solution in the blog post doesnt work, or that their setup is very different 14:28 JoeJulian hehe 14:28 semiosis you know what i'm talking about 14:29 JoeJulian You bet I do. 14:29 pdurbin so people should stop blogging? ;) 14:30 JoeJulian Maybe I should add a disclaimer to each of my blog posts, "If you're experiencing a problem that this doesn't solve, you have a different problem. Please don't reference this page when asking for help with your different problem." 14:46 semiosis pdurbin: i would rather have people contributing fixes upstream than writing a blog post with their lame hack 14:46 semiosis few blogs are worthwhile, the rest should stop yes 14:46 semiosis :) 14:47 pdurbin people definitely shouldn't make noise in publicly logged irc channels 14:48 JoeJulian Otoh, I'm not sufficiently practiced in C to contribute. I file bugs, yes, but if the devs don't find them interesting or worthy of fixing, then a blog post is the best I can do. 14:49 pdurbin JoeJulian: did you ever listen to https://soundcloud.com/philipdurbin/theodore-tso-on-gluster-ext4 ? I find it fascinating 14:51 JoeJulian I had not. 14:58 semiosis pdurbin: point taken :) 15:29 JoeJulian I just try to make it a point of never saying something, logged or otherwise, that I wouldn't say to someone's face. 15:30 JoeJulian Which includes my little rant yesterday. :) 15:35 pdurbin :) 22:36 pdurbin huh. an email from http://averagesecurityguy.info telling me about passwords in a github repo. he seems to be on github himself: https://github.com/averagesecurityguy 22:37 pdurbin semiosis: I don't know that I had a point. I'm the noisiest one :) 22:48 ben_e yeah, i read it as tongue in cheek 22:48 ben_e but i've sat across the table from phil while he engaged in self-deprecation, so i have a sense that he doesn't take himself too seriously