Time Nick Message 00:59 melodie pdurbin here is a discussion I just had at #linuxchix, about scrot and import: 00:59 melodie I think you would be interested about the point of view 00:59 melodie what is wrong with import ? 00:59 melodie zoe very nice! 00:59 melodie import doesn't work with all window managers, often gives big black areas instead of the window contents, etc. 00:59 melodie depending on what args you use 00:59 melodie and imagemagick is always fiddling with their args, so args that work now won't necessarily work after the next upgrade. 00:59 melodie thanks akk I will report it to the person who told me about import 00:59 melodie if you don't mind of course 00:59 melodie Feel free. 00:59 melodie thanks! 01:00 pdurbin import -frame /tmp/screenshot.png 01:01 pdurbin melodie: I'll let you know if that stops working. thanks :) 01:01 pdurbin I'm reading more of the anti-database argument at http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2013-05-22#t1369253767 but I'm still not convinced 01:01 pdurbin and it's making me tired :) 01:32 melodie pdurbin don't read it anymore then 01:33 melodie :) 01:33 melodie good night 14:22 JoeJulian Now that I've read the documentation for USB HID1.11 keyboards, I've come to the conclusion that Alan Stern is a proctological orifice. 14:23 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky USB HID1.11 keyboards 14:23 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.usb.org/developers/devclass_docs/HID1_11.pdf 14:27 JoeJulian I asked a fairly simple question in the linux-usb mailing list to clarify my understanding of a usbmon capture. Since what I was capturing was the output from a credit card reader I, for obvious reasons, couldn't just post the capture. Rather than telling me that I was right, and expanding on my understanding, he chastised me for not posting sufficient data, "... how should I know? You haven't posted any detailed information ..." After readi 14:27 JoeJulian ng the spec, yes. He should have known. 14:35 pdurbin we are none of us perfect 17:09 codex https://github.com/ventz/pgsvr -> puppet git sync via rest (rest app for r10k) -- if anyone is interested 17:14 pdurbin codex: as opposed to ssh or the git protocol? 17:20 codex as in to signal via REST 17:20 codex so that you can have a github hook that simply signals r10k to do a pull 17:21 pdurbin ok. sorry I'm in JPA EclipseLink hell right now... if anyone has any ideas for me: https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu/issues/2976 21:15 pdurbin fixed. thank goodness :)