Time Nick Message 00:08 melodie I have a question about what is going on in the center of USA: 00:08 melodie http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/20/18375741-major-damage-as-huge-tornado-rips-through-neighborhoods-south-of-oklahoma-city?lite 00:09 melodie my question is, isn't there any kind of meteo surveillance which can alert the people long enough before anything starts, and some emergency plan? 00:10 melodie emergency plans ready to be setup? 00:21 pdurbin melodie: are there ever tornadoes where you live? 00:24 melodie no 00:24 melodie there are small earthshakes but rarely strong, no tornados 00:25 melodie in 1999 there has been storm, in many places forests were devastated and in other places there were flood, and these where places where the wrong kind of trees had been grown and places where the natural ways of the water had been modified: mainly 00:26 melodie we have flood plans which are setup very fast in case of need 00:26 melodie all the mairies and mayors have a hierarchy and instructions from the prefet in case of need 00:27 melodie Mayors* Prefets* 00:27 melodie pdurbin are there around Boston? 00:33 melodie bb in a few minutes 00:50 melodie pdurbin I have never had to face a tornadoe and never heard of any happening in France. 00:50 melodie does it happen each year in the central states in US? 00:52 pdurbin I grew up in Ohio, a central state, at we had tornado drills several times a year in school. we practiced hiding in the basement. I think the system to alert people is difficult to implement or it would have been done already 00:55 melodie pdurbin drills are always useful 00:55 melodie Ohio is far from Kansas and Oklahoma, less center 00:55 melodie less centered 00:55 melodie are there as many tornadoes there? 00:56 pdurbin maybe not as many. we call Ohio part of the "Midwest." if you look at a map... it's not very west... :) 00:57 melodie http://lycee-alienor.fr/histoire-geo/expose/tornades.htm 00:57 melodie this pages says the USA is the country with the biggest frequency of tornadoes 00:58 melodie entre 700 et 1200 tornades par an. // 700 to 1200 per year? :o 01:03 melodie pdurbin this page says the tornadoes are the most dangerous in the Middle West States 01:08 pdurbin sounds about right 01:18 melodie I had a very interesting discussion at #linuxchix chan, with women who have lots of experience in life, and where I was trying to state that forests would do lots of good to all the territories where some catastrophic events due to nature happens, they have done their best to prove me I am wrong, because the nature has provided the earth as is in center of US and many places: steppes, prairies... 01:18 melodie I was almost convinced that for some reason difficult for me to understand, the nature there wanted only grass growing 01:19 melodie but I just found some writings which might bring another sight to the problem 01:19 melodie http://history1800s.about.com/od/americanoriginals/a/GeorgePerkinsMarshbio.htm 01:19 melodie I have two texts in French there: 01:19 melodie http://www.cairn.info/revue-ecologie-et-politique-2008-1-page-155.htm 01:19 melodie first part, and second part, translated from the original book in English 01:20 melodie http://www.cairn.info/revue-ecologie-et-politique-2008-2-page-155.htm 01:20 melodie I will read it carefully in the following days, and try to write a post about it 01:23 ben_e there are alerts when tornadoes are likely and when they know for sure they have formed and can be seen on radar 01:23 ben_e you buy little $10 weather alert radios if you live in places that have tornadoes regularly 01:24 ben_e all the tv stations and radio stations will switch to emergency broadcasts 01:24 ben_e and in downtowns and metro areas they usually have some form of air raid siren that they use in imminent tornado events 01:25 ben_e for the oklahoma thing they actually had a 16 minute warning before the tornado hit 01:27 melodie I read a page a few minutes ago where it is explained that the tornadoes can happen brutally without the systems of detection able to know long enough before, so the article said it's really reliable at 90% : which is about the same for most natural issues (flood and storms as well) 01:28 melodie in this page: http://history1800s.about.com/od/americanoriginals/a/GeorgePerkinsMarshbio.htm there is a link to his book : "man and nature" - http://books.google.fr/books?id=q-7wEQi0Gj0C&dq=&redir_esc=y 01:28 melodie that seems to be a very interesting piece of history 12:11 pdurbin sjoeboo_: "Mark the date, June 3rd 2013: "Episode 2: The Englishman Returns!" watch the continuing story of #hpc over at @harvard and @fasrc" -- https://twitter.com/jamesdotcuff/status/336613030278361088 12:11 pdurbin agoddard: ^^ 12:13 pdurbin awesome news for you guys 13:34 sjoeboo_ i'm not going to say that I'm not excited to have him back. I guess i'm more curious as to why, and there is a "small change in direction" coming along with the return, so I'm curious as to what that is.. 13:34 pdurbin how mysterious! 13:36 agoddard pdurbin: I'm excited - the gifs did a better job of my reaction https://twitter.com/anthonygoddard/status/335450444979642368 13:37 agoddard sjoeboo_: small change in direction == using 10,000 node cluster to mine bitcoins? 13:37 sjoeboo_ ha, that already happened. 13:37 agoddard hahaha 13:38 pdurbin agoddard: heh. love it 13:40 sjoeboo_ and thats 25,000 cores, about to become ~53,000 13:42 agoddard dayum 13:43 agoddard sjoeboo_: our new speedy little C5220's are rawkin along now (but also, fk Ubuntu) 13:44 sjoeboo_ haha, awesome 13:44 agoddard (also fk RHEL, CentOS, fedora, Debian, FreeBSD) 13:44 agoddard SmartOS sounds cool ;) 13:49 pdurbin some day I'll try SmartOS 14:15 ben_e jcuff is coming back to harvard? 14:16 ben_e i saw his tweet, but it just sounded oblique and mysterious 14:30 pdurbin maybe he'll come back: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2012-03-02#i_5237486 :) 16:24 melodie hi 22:46 pdurbin melodie: hi (from several hours ago) :) 22:48 melodie hi pdurbin 22:50 melodie pdurbin (from several hours ahead) :D 23:58 pdurbin melodie: I can't help talking about YAML vs. JSON in #wonderstudy: http://irclog.greptilian.com/wonderstudy/2013-05-21 23:58 pdurbin somehow, for me, YAML and JSON are *always* on topic :)