Time Nick Message 02:37 ben_e http://demo3.logstash.net/#/dashboard/elasticsearch/irclogs < another take on logging irc 11:42 pdurbin yeah, semiosis has mentioned logstash for irc logging. or I guess analysis. if anyone wants to shove the #crimsonfu logs into logstash they're at http://crimsonfu.github.io/irclogs 14:26 melodie hi 14:29 pdurbin hi 14:59 pdurbin melodie: I'm so sorry for your data loss :( http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-05-19 15:00 pdurbin I hope you didn't lose any of *my* posts! ;) 15:00 pdurbin ben_e: I'm still so happy about the database dump mirror. thanks again 15:01 melodie pdurbin I don't know if there is data loss yet, we will see that when the forum will be again online 15:01 melodie this is a lottery... 15:20 pdurbin oh. good 15:28 melodie very bad, who knows if they are even going to put the websites online successfully? Maybe their new machine is going to dye too. they didn't explain enough about what happened, so it's not possible to get the slightest idea about what went wrong and why it will go better later 16:24 pdurbin :(