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10:47 pdurbin  hmm, to support a data archiving standard (AIP: Archival Information Packages) or to create new REST API to support getting all the data out? https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/dataverse-community/07h0Ca-Ai1I
13:11 mhayden  pdurbin: it's on my list ;)
13:11 pdurbin  rebranding is hard :)
13:12 pdurbin  we're trying to re-work our app a bit. we have "dataverses" in our app. and all of them together in a single installation of our software we call a "dataverse network"
13:12 pdurbin  but now we want something in between
13:13 pdurbin  so we're starting to call this a "dataverse subnetwork"
13:14 ben_e    you went too big initially
13:14 ben_e    since universe is the whole kit and caboodle
13:15 ben_e    you need datalaxies and datastems somewhere in there
13:23 ben_e    should the dataverse network be called the datamultiverse?
13:29 pdurbin  heh
13:29 pdurbin  I do agree that "dataverse" sounds quite big
14:53 agoddard oh no! I just discovered that my bouncer doesn't work when I'm on Harvard's VPN 'cause harvard thinks it should be routing the IP. Rage.
15:07 pdurbin  'With Hangouts, Singhal says Google had to make the difficult decision to drop the very "open" XMPP standard that it helped pioneer.' -- http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/15/4318830/inside-hangouts-googles-big-fix-for-its-messaging-mess
15:26 codex    yes, "difficult"
15:26 codex    they have done that with caldev, xmpp, the "wave protocol", rss
15:27 pdurbin  codex: so maybe forget everything I told you yesterday about nice ad hoc chat room with gtalk :(
15:27 codex    funny how they advocate an OS protocol until people start using their service and then they pull a microsoft
15:27 codex    pdurbin: i run my own jabber server for a reason
15:27 codex    if i had more users, i would run my own spam service and then switch back to running my own email
15:27 codex    but it doesn't make sense for a copule of users
15:28 pdurbin  spam service?
15:36 codex    filtering spam
15:37 codex    gmail does 2 things amazingly - spam filtering and good web UI
15:37 codex    recently the webUI part has improved. Spam detection has not (from a blackbox -> to fully working that is)
15:37 codex    spam assassin is great, however, it takes configs and training
15:39 pdurbin  running an email service well is more effort than I'm willing to expend
15:40 ben_e    it's actually rather easy
15:40 ben_e    except for the spam filtering part
15:41 ben_e    but SMTP, IMAP, webmail and mailing lists all have robust software options these days
15:46 larsks   codex: And searching.  Nothing else provides gmail-equivalent search features.
15:46 codex    that's true actually
15:46 codex    mutt can be made to be pretty close, but it's painful
15:46 codex    and definitely not as quick
15:47 larsks   Actually, I use mutt-kz, and it works pretty much as I want (quick searches, with location qualifiers like "subject:foo AND from:lars").
15:47 larsks   ...but it's only good with a local mailstore.  No webmail products provide this sort of indexed search feature yet (or IMAP products, as far as I know).
15:47 larsks   https://github.com/karelzak/mutt-kz
15:48 larsks   Uses the "notmuch" email indexing/search engine.  http://notmuchmail.org/
15:48 ben_e    mairix is pretty awesome for mutt searches
15:49 larsks   mutt-kz is substantially better in that it has the search feature integrated into mutt directly.  There's support for virtual mailfolders and all sorts of other bits.  It's also somewhat faster for both search and indexing than mairix.
15:49 ben_e    i'll have to check it out
15:49 larsks   (I've used both at different points)
15:51 larsks   Back to gmail: I also really like the label-based organization scheme, and I don't know that any open-source IMAP servers support that.  The combination of (a) bad search and (b) a message can only be stored in a single "category" makes them all a non-starter for me.
15:54 larsks   If you're interested in email indexing tools, there's also "mu" (http://www.djcbsoftware.nl/code/mu/), which does pretty much the same thing as mairix.
15:58 codex    larsks: kz?
15:58 codex    i haven't heard of that before
16:00 codex    oh saw link - i am definitely going to check it out
16:00 larsks   It is super cool and I could not live without it.
16:00 codex    larsks: label comment - agreed. I go back and forth between the "move" vs "label" ( a bit annoying - wish move was just 'tag' that label)
16:37 semiosis security questionnaire :(
16:37 semiosis Is data used for testing and development fictitious or real?	Yes
17:06 pdurbin  yes
17:09 pdurbin  ben_e: coincidentally, my six year old just asked me about the difference between a galaxy and a universe. I showed her http://htwins.net/scale2/ and she's absolutely mesmerized. it takes 5 minutes to go from one side to the other
17:10 pdurbin  seems like she's feeling better. home sick today. time to get her out in the sun
19:05 melodie  pdurbin ?