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00:00 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky megaupload raid
00:00 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/megaupload-founders-homes-raided-5m-luxury-cars-seized-84897
00:02 melodie      pdurbin is ben_e your own google man kind of? :D
00:02 pdurbin      heh. google man?
00:02 pdurbin      come to boston and you can meet him :)
00:02 melodie      I ask because I might not have understood it all
00:02 semiosis     i'll be there in june for the redhat summit again
00:03 ben_e        we should do crimsonfu beers
00:03 melodie      ben_e is that right? If I come to Boston I can meet you?
00:03 semiosis     JoeJulian too
00:03 ben_e        sure thing
00:03 semiosis     ben_e: +1
00:03 pdurbin      mhayden: you too
00:03 ben_e        and agoddard is just down the way a bit
00:03 ben_e        we might be able to entice him
00:07 ben_e        pdurbin: i am still not totally what you are doing. why are you uploading your sql dumps to github?
00:07 ben_e        totally... sure
00:07 ben_e        is this just for backups?
00:07 ben_e        or are you processing the data into some other form?
00:08 pdurbin      ben_e: yeah, if you look at https://github.com/pdurbin/data.greptilian.com it's just mysql dumps. pretty tiny. just a few MB
00:09 pdurbin      I'm putting them on github because github's servers are not in codex's basement where my VM is :)
00:09 ben_e        ok
00:11 pdurbin      I've never set up a mirror before. this'll be fun :)
00:29 melodie      good night
00:33 agoddard     ben_e: ohai! lemme know if you got any sensu questions
00:35 ben_e        cool, thanks
00:54 ben_e        pdurbin: you can restrict ssh key options/commands. e.g. http://www.cmdln.org/2008/02/11/restricting-ssh-commands/
00:55 pdurbin      +1
01:46 codex        pdurbin: i think you are highly underestimating the infrastructure i have...
01:55 pdurbin      codex: oh, probably. I've never seen it :)
01:55 ben_e        pics or gtfo?
01:55 ben_e        :-)
01:55 pdurbin      which is my definition of "cloud" :)
01:58 codex        I am using 3 different datacenters at 3 different locations, and a lab in my house
01:58 codex        each has advantages and disadvantages - cost, ip space, bandwidth, storage size, etc...
01:58 codex        currently, rocking the 99.99% uptime :)
01:59 codex        this year I am aiming for 100%
01:59 pdurbin      nice
02:13 mhayden      pdurbin / ben_e: totally in for #crimsonfu beers (even though i don't contribute much)
02:14 pdurbin      mhayden: what good are you
02:14 mhayden      my wife asks me the same
02:31 ben_e        mhayden: you can buy the beer
02:31 ben_e        :-)
02:31 * mhayden    usually waits for the vendors to do that :P
02:31 ben_e        this is all phil's show in some way, isn't it?
02:32 ben_e        none of us would be here if he didn't have a bee in his bonnet about irc
02:32 ben_e        and inadvertently became some sort of network super node
02:32 ben_e        (or maybe intentionally)
02:34 ben_e        i guess that means we buy his beers :-)
02:34 ben_e        Or!
02:35 ben_e        we start a pdurbinfu channel which is like a meta channel for discussion of his burgeoning irc empire
02:39 pdurbin      ben_e: while you're wasting time I've been setting up new backups: http://or8.net/~pdurbin
02:39 pdurbin      ben_e: thanks again for the space :)
02:39 ben_e        np
02:40 * mhayden    is still reeling from watching Frontline: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/retirement-gamble/
02:40 pdurbin      and I put the config here: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant
02:40 pdurbin      except the cron job, 'cause I'm lazy like that
02:45 pdurbin      is the state of the art still for cron jobs to email you when they fail? I hate email
03:15 ben_e        you could `cronfoo.sh || curl -X POST -d @error.log http://greptilian.com/phil/your/shit/is/broke`
03:17 ben_e        or create an @pdurbincron twitter account and follow it and then || twitter_cli
03:41 agoddard_    w00t ZNC
03:42 agoddard_    agoddard: now you gotta go
03:42 agoddard     ouch. damn.
03:43 agoddard     awwwyeah
04:59 mhayden      agoddard: gotta love znc
09:59 pdurbin      ben_e: makes sense. thanks
13:46 agoddard     mhayden: Awwwyeah!
15:25 codex        RHEL/CentOS 0-day: http://fucksheep.org/~sd/warez/semtex.c
15:25 codex        temp work around: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=962792
17:08 pdurbin      impact subscore of 10: http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2013-2094
17:48 agoddard     pdurbin: you got cobbler skillz?
18:00 mhayden      peach cobbler
18:08 run4flat     mmmmmm
18:21 agoddard     nom
18:21 run4flat     http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ELW9RFQdZE0/TMJWHQDlukI/AAAAAAAAAng/kbxdHP6xJZI/s1600/Grendel_pie.jpg
18:57 pdurbin      I used to..
18:57 pdurbin      run4flat: no fun allowed
19:38 mhayden      i'm thinking about writing a free/open source CIS benchmark validator for RHEL 6...
19:39 * mhayden    can't bring himself to spend a bunch of cash on the one from CIS
19:54 pdurbin      CIS?
20:32 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky cis computer security
20:32 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.cisecurity.org/
21:13 pdurbin      this must be it: http://benchmarks.cisecurity.org
21:58 mhayden      pdurbin: i did a kickstart for new builds -> https://github.com/rackerhacker/securekickstarts
21:58 mhayden      but i need to write a script/framework to check existing servers
21:58 mhayden      was considering doing python unit tests
22:06 pdurbin      +1
22:06 pdurbin      mhayden: you have't rebranded your github username