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16:28 codex       pdurbin: neat. Is the code available anywhere before it becomes "official"
16:32 Whoop       https://github.com/moritz/ilbot/commit/14568be126f8ab321e4eba8b8654004fd118d4cd
16:44 codex       Whoop, pdurbin ^ added it to irclog.spacecompute.com
16:44 codex       for some reason, the javascript (actual show/hide) doesn't seem to work on my side
17:59 pdurbin     codex: yeah, doesn't seem to work on yours. I should try it out on my ilbot
18:49 codex       pdurbin: i am asuming that diff is not correct?
18:49 codex       i applied the 3 new files
18:52 pdurbin     codex: try "master". he merged it in: [TODO] add some Javascript to automatically collapse multiple joins/leaves into one · Issue #10 · moritz/ilbot - https://github.com/moritz/ilbot/issues/10
18:56 codex       pdurbin: yea, that's what I applied - those 3 files: https://github.com/moritz/ilbot/commit/14568be126f8ab321e4eba8b8654004fd118d4cd
18:58 pdurbin     codex: it is time for you to join me in #ilbot :)
20:06 semiosis    i just love it when i come in monday and see that one of my frontend varnish caches died over the weekend.  automation FTW!
20:11 pdurbin     it was your chaos monkey
20:17 semiosis    seriously <3 autoscaling+puppet
21:43 pdurbin_m   libc vs. musl. fight! http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-05-13#i_6792
22:05 pdurbin_m   er. glibc
22:09 JoeJulian   Well, the MUlti-State Lottery association runs on IIS. glibc is much more efficient than anything that comes out of Microsoft.
22:10 JoeJulian   :D
22:10 pdurbin_m   heh, no... http://www.musl-libc.org :)
22:11 JoeJulian   Seems to me like that's apples to oranges. I'd compare it more with uClibc
22:17 * pdurbin_m looks at http://www.uclibc.org
22:22 pdurbin_m   hmm, and more listed in #sourcefu