Time  Nick         Message
03:19 agoddard     aight, I gave up on my new irc experiment for now, back to ircrelay and tunneling :|
10:12 pdurbin      agoddard: whatever works, I guess
10:13 pdurbin      semiosis: you were telling us about bots that let us leave messages for each other, I think. I tried this out yesterday and it does seem pretty cool: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2013-05-09#t1368090393
12:21 melodie      hello
12:58 dotplus      pdurbin: sorry, I'm used to channels where the bot will fetch the title of a destination of a hyperlink and, in the event that the URL is long, send it through a URL shortener, making colt irrelevant (at least for IRC).
12:59 pdurbin      dotplus: no sweat
12:59 dotplus      But colt looks like a mildly useful tool. Probably not so important in powerfully keyboard-driven browsers such as conkeror
13:00 pdurbin      i use it all the time
13:02 dotplus      my usage pattern of all these things is really quite primitive. I read text, I write text.
13:03 ben_e        so you're a liberal arts major or a sysadmin!
13:04 * dotplus    read chemistry @ox.ac.uk
13:04 * dotplus    is a sysadmin
13:05 dotplus      but as I understand the phrase, I'm a liberal arts personality.
13:06 * pdurbin    feels less sysadmin-y and more java-y these days
13:06 ben_e        programmer-y?
13:06 pdurbin      yah
13:06 melodie      hi ben_e
13:07 ben_e        yo melodie
13:07 melodie      yesterday I talked about mkahawa I think ? internet cafe management. Here is what we got so far, it looks promising: https://sourceforge.net/p/mkahawa/discussion/955736/thread/c69fe267
13:12 ben_e        are you trying to start an internet cafe?
13:12 ben_e        or add internet services to an existing successful cafe?
13:15 melodie      I am planning to open an internet cafe with additional services related to computers
13:40 pdurbin      shuff: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/332465427756244995
13:41 shuff        i saw, i saw! :)
13:41 shuff        the usability testing was awesome
13:41 pdurbin      oh good
13:41 shuff        well designed  and implemented
13:41 pdurbin      you're welcome to chatter a bit in #dvn if you want
13:41 shuff        i think there is now a recorded video of me ranting about  web app usability
13:42 pdurbin      !
13:42 * pdurbin    loves a good rant
13:42 shuff        but i was assured that it would not be shared beyond the study :)
13:43 pdurbin      oh
13:43 pdurbin      that's no fun
13:43 pdurbin      L(
13:43 pdurbin      :)
14:56 semiosis     crimsonfubot: load later
14:56 crimsonfubot semiosis: Error: You don't have the owner capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
14:56 semiosis     @later tell pdurbin crimsonfubot can do that if you tell it to 'load later'
14:56 crimsonfubot semiosis: The operation succeeded.
14:56 semiosis     ooh, looks like later is already loaded!
17:09 pdurbin      semiosis: oh, interesting, it's sent as a private message. the other bot sends it in the channel
17:39 ben_e        hms network asplode!!1!
17:40 ben_e        they had to send the outage announcement out of band via the harvard alert system
17:40 ben_e        fun
17:41 pdurbin      ben_e: your fault? ;)
18:12 ben_e        not me! i'm home
18:12 ben_e        any oddly my stuff is all up
18:12 ben_e        so the 90% campus outage is leaving me in the lucky 10% i guess
18:52 agperson     pdurbin, whorka, thanks for packaging mod_fastcgi!
18:52 pdurbin      :)