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02:32 agoddard  pdurbin: around now :) I gotta switch to ZNC so I can use IRC at work
11:14 pdurbin   agoddard: I was just wondering if you'd seen http://www.force11.org/AmsterdamManifesto
11:15 pdurbin   "We wish to promote best practices in data citation to facilitate access to data sets and to enable attribution and reward for those who publish data. Through formal data citation, the contributions to science by those that share their data will be recognized and potentially rewarded."
11:15 pdurbin   co-authored by my boss's boss
13:26 pdurbin   codex: might be fun to do some raspberry pi hacking with a touch screen... maybe something like this... Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Bundle | Raspberry Pi Projects | Car Computer - http://www.carcomputer.co.uk/index.php?/raspberry-pi-projects/raspberry-pi-touchscreen-bundle
13:27 pdurbin   that touch screen is from http://lilliputweb.net
13:28 pdurbin   it's on my mind because I'm listening to this: 34 – Raspberry Pi with Eben Upton | The Creative Coding Podcast - http://creativecodingpodcast.com/34-raspberry-pi-with-eben-upton/
13:41 agoddard  pdurbin: hadn't seen it, but totally agree - I think there's movement at the moment for cited data to be more recognized, it's a good move
13:43 agoddard  some of the stuff in my paper was about other benefits of publishing your data - like analysis, mashups, visualization, especially from reasonably data sets
13:46 agoddard  …this being available: http://www.rvdata.us/catalog let me do this pretty quickly http://zerosixzero.cartodb.com/tables/unols_cruises/embed_map?title=true&description=false&search=false&shareable=false&cartodb_logo=true&scrollwheel=true&sql=&zoom=3&center_lat=50.81873078031015&center_lon=-55.54687499999999 and I think that (could) provide some value back to the original projects? maybe.. :-/
14:49 pdurbin   agoddard: very good visualization. good job
14:49 pdurbin   agoddard: so if you want to tweet about the Amsterdam Manifesto or whatever that would be great
15:13 * pdurbin asks about touch screens in the raspberry pi google+ community: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/L3Q34EWeE8y