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01:24 pdurbin   poor ops guy at livingsocial (which got hacked): https://plus.google.com/104323674441008487802/posts/aVmpEET9LAE :(
01:36 JoeJulian Well... at least that makes me feel a little better about my day... :/
17:28 pdurbin   sounds like a coordination or process problem
17:29 JoeJulian Totally. But if they could just tag their git repo and a new version would be published from that, that would be ideal.
17:30 JoeJulian Which now makes me wonder how hard it would be to add that to github...
17:30 JoeJulian Some sort of automated script that would push to the forge when you tag...
17:33 pdurbin   we can dream
17:35 JoeJulian "All of our service hooks are open source. If you don’t see a service you’d like to use, write the code and we’ll include it!"
17:58 pdurbin   agoddard: you around?
18:11 codex     pdurbin: it's amazing
18:11 codex     JoeJulian: we will see how useful it is/how many people use it, but so far, i am very ahppy w/ it
18:11 codex     pdurbin: i just wish it gave you like <5 users for free or something like that - then i would deploy it at home :)
18:14 pdurbin   I'm happy enough with https://git.huit.harvard.edu ... can have private repos
18:15 pdurbin   aren't you all so curious what's so private
19:47 agperson  irclog.perlgeek.de down?
19:48 pdurbin   agperson: yep. now we're in space. and talkin' about git.huit: http://irclog.spacecompute.com/crimsonfu/2013-05-03#i_277
19:49 codex     pdurbin: you can have private repo's with git.noc too
19:49 codex     it's just that the interface is 20x better
19:51 agperson  github appliance == github enterprise???
19:55 agperson  github enterprise is freakishly expensive for large deploys
19:58 pdurbin   it was a hubspot guy I was talking to about github stuff they're using: Warp Speed with GitHub Enterprise - http://dev.hubspot.com/blog/bid/88470/Warp-Speed-with-GitHub-Enterprise
20:00 agperson  pdurbin: interesting!  i'd love to invest in GH:E over the Atlassian toolset, but I'm unlikely to convince anyone else...
20:01 pdurbin   agperson: I can get you in touch with that hubspot guy. we tweeted back and forth
20:44 * pdurbin is getting punchy: http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2013-05-03#i_1987
20:45 pdurbin   is it beer thirty yet?
21:04 semiosis  JoeJulian: i gave bodepd an earful about that at the rh summit last year too!
21:04 semiosis  (code in github not getting into forge)
21:12 JoeJulian Ryan Coleman is the guy to pick on over anything forge related.
21:13 semiosis  well dan asked if i used forge modules, otherwise i wouldn't have bothered complaining.  I have mostly nice things to say about puppet.  it's made my life better.
21:13 semiosis  even though i wrote all the modules i use, still worth it