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03:37 miah          irc channels dont require passwords, they require 'keys' :P
10:02 pdurbin       miah: oh
10:22 pdurbin       FernandoBasso: welcome!
10:22 FernandoBasso :)
10:23 pdurbin       sounds like you've got some vim tricks: http://echelog.com/logs/browse/netbeans/1367445600
10:23 pdurbin       I started a cheat sheet for translating vim commands to netbeans: http://wiki.greptilian.com/netbeans
10:46 FernandoBasso pdurbin: I'm going to work now. I'll come back soon.
12:11 melodie       hello
12:30 pdurbin       good morning
12:47 melodie       good morning! :D
12:47 melodie       quarter to 3 pm here :D
12:49 pdurbin       I like this idea of writing down your timezone: http://indiewebcamp.com/IRC_People
12:49 melodie       it should show in the chans should be more obvious
12:54 melodie       pdurbin what do you think about the accessibility for the visually impaired in the Free software world ?
12:55 melodie       if the topic is of some interest to you I would like to show something to you
12:56 pdurbin       melodie: it's very important, and a focus of http://www.northeastlinuxfest.org which is organized by a blind Linux user
12:57 pdurbin       you can read about him (Jonathan Nadeau) at http://www.northeastlinuxfest.org/About%20us
12:58 melodie       I have had a mail with him lately starting from the LXDE mailing list
12:58 melodie       here is the last mail from pcman about this topic and two answers he got so far:
12:59 melodie       http://pastebin.fr/27199
12:59 melodie       this is a temporary pastbin, the message will be removed after one month, but the discussion is publicly available at the lxde mailing list archive
12:59 melodie       s/pastbin/pastebin/
13:01 pdurbin       melodie: can you dig up a more permanent link?
13:02 melodie       my mistake, it was not Jonathan Nadeau
13:02 melodie       pdurbin yes,
13:04 melodie       here:
13:04 melodie       http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=30795216
13:04 melodie       and the topic started from here:
13:04 melodie       http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=30781509
13:05 pdurbin       thanks
13:11 melodie       welcome
13:11 melodie       I'll have more to say, but I'm following another discussion, so I'll be back in a few minutes
14:11 melodie       pdurbin still around ?
14:13 melodie       the Openbox project is interested to study the elements needed for making the different parts of the window manager accessible, in the future new versions
14:18 pdurbin       Jonathan probably knows all about this
14:20 melodie       pdurbin you have probably not heard about Jean-Philippe Mengual ?
14:20 melodie       http://accelibreinfo.eu/?en/i-introduce-myself
14:21 pdurbin       nope
14:21 melodie       he translates LFS to French each time there is a new book and does a great job with providing blind and other visual impaired users with free software and hardware fit for their use
14:22 melodie       when I saw the first discussions about accessibility on the LXDE ml last year I contacted him on the chans to ask if he would want to join the list
14:23 melodie       recently he participated on the list to answer in the topic I pointed to earlier
14:23 melodie       and later he might participate in creating a ring or work around accessibility in Openbox. Dana Jansen appeared to be interested, but had not enough knowlegde and time to dig about at-spi and atk
14:25 melodie       Jean-Philippe Mengual (nick Texou) does not code but he can help testing. He usually installs LFS and compiles everything from source to be sure he has the native code
14:26 melodie       for the time being the elements used in Openbox are not accessible, so the goal will be for Texou to bring people with additional knowledge to work with the Openbox team in order to put it in the direction
14:26 melodie       which is what he started to do yesterday
14:26 melodie       I am an Openbox fan, for it's lightness and large possibilities
14:32 pdurbin       yeah, ironcamel speaks highly of openbox
14:32 melodie       ironcamel ?
14:40 pdurbin       melodie: you don't know ironcamel?
14:40 pdurbin       ironcamel: meet melodie
14:41 melodie       I think not
14:41 melodie       pdurbin I am about to send a screenshot of the last Ubuntu Openbox I just uploaded
15:07 pdurbin       melodie: you love your screenshots :)
15:10 melodie       pdurbin I am making two and it's not that easy
15:15 melodie       pdurbin here: http://meets.free.fr/Downloads/debian/images/bento2-mini-4-i386.12.04.png
15:15 melodie       http://meets.free.fr/Downloads/debian/images/bento2-mini-4-snow-i386.12.04.png
15:16 melodie       :)
15:16 melodie       this is before install
16:53 pdurbin       LFS must be http://www.linuxfromscratch.org
18:57 pdurbin       what's the best IRC web client again?
18:58 JoeJulian     pdurbin: Plans coming together for Red Hat summit. Will be staying with some friends in Boxborough for a few days after the summit to do some sight seeing. That's fairly near you, isn't it?
18:59 pdurbin       24 miles. 43 mins
19:00 JoeJulian     Guess not. :D
19:01 larsks        pdurbin: Run shellinabox and then use irssi :)
19:01 pdurbin       larsks: asking for a friend ;)
19:01 pdurbin       he's using Kiwi? http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-05-02#i_5718
19:39 * pdurbin     looks at http://code.google.com/p/shellinabox/
19:43 ben_e         pretty slick
20:19 pdurbin       JoeJulian: I'd love to get together anyway. somewhere in town
20:41 JoeJulian     Right now I feel I suck as a network admin... Grr... 1st, I hate the wireless legacy that I have. I'm done with it. The old wireless key is dead to me. I'm implementing radius. But even at that, one bittorrent client on an effing cell phone should not have been able to overwhelm our other services.
20:42 JoeJulian     I thought I rate limted the switch port the wireless was on, anyway...
21:07 pdurbin       JoeJulian: speaking of the summit... you (or semiosis or mhayden) might know the answer to this:
21:07 pdurbin       "@philipdurbin recommendations for hotel for Red Hat Summit at Hynes Center? Prefer not to spend $250+/night." -- https://twitter.com/smerrill/status/327180313979678720
21:07 pdurbin       I have no idea
21:08 pdurbin       that's from my friend who interviewed the CEO or Red Hat on stage last year
21:08 pdurbin       he was a year ahead of me in high school
21:08 JoeJulian     When I was shopping, there weren't a lot of options. Not being familiar with the area, I found a map with crime overlays and looked for hotels that avoided going through high crime areas.
21:09 JoeJulian     I've heard it's probably best to avoid strolling through roxberry at 2am...
21:10 JoeJulian     The best I could find was the Boston Hotel Buckminster at $189/night.
21:11 JoeJulian     If he's really cheap, he could stay out at the HoJo at the airport and get a charlie card.
21:11 semiosis      the trick is to get other people/orgs to pay for your travel
21:11 JoeJulian     +1
21:12 pdurbin       yeah. here was the interview: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/218473667112353792
21:12 semiosis      but 200-250/nt seems to be the going rate for a decent place in boston
21:13 pdurbin       ok. thanks
21:26 pdurbin_m     JoeJulian: of course, the other week we had a pretty serious crime right where the summit will be
21:42 mhayden       pdurbin: i got in at the sheraton i think... couldn't find anything less pricey nearby
21:50 pdurbin_m     we should all meet up
23:26 pdurbin       huh. homebrew-cask/Casks at master · phinze/homebrew-cask · GitHub - https://github.com/phinze/homebrew-cask/tree/master/Casks