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00:34 pdurbin    of interest perhaps: [ANNOUNCEMENT] The purpose of the RLN project, /r/live_news and /r/live_newswire : live_news - http://www.reddit.com/r/live_news/comments/1cwfdv/announcement_the_purpose_of_the_rln_project_rlive/
00:49 marcoceppi pdurbin: seems more and more frequently sites like these are moving to provider their own News network
00:52 pdurbin    marcoceppi: their own as opposed to traditional media like CNN?
00:53 marcoceppi pdurbin: yeah, which seems odd because sites like reddit and digg are _already_ news sites, so it's news for you while you browse "news"
00:56 pdurbin    their focus seems to be listening to police scanners and reporting on it
00:59 pdurbin    marcoceppi: so your Discourse thing... is it in production anywhere? the only Discourse site I'm using is http://meta.discourse.org
00:59 marcoceppi pdurbin: It's not that I know of. I deploy it about every week to make sure upstream hasn't changed anything that breaks it
00:59 marcoceppi I haven't found a need to run it yet
01:00 pdurbin    ok. I wouldn't mind using Discourse for something. but meta is too meta for me
01:00 marcoceppi hah, yeah
01:01 pdurbin    shouldn't their be a Discourse about programming by now? as an outlet for stackoverflow?
01:01 pdurbin    there*
01:03 marcoceppi There are a few people who run it in production, somewhere on meta there's a post about it
01:06 pdurbin    this one, I guess, but it says a directory will be published real soon now, bascially: http://meta.discourse.org/t/list-of-new-forums-running-discourse/3388
13:22 pdurbin    "Changing Culture and Being a Force For Awesome episode with Jesse Robbins start at 35:45 for how operations & emergency services are related." -- http://foodfightshow.org/2013/03/elasticsearch.html
20:06 * pdurbin  stubs out a tech talk: http://iqss.github.io/vagrant-at-iqss
20:22 semiosis   http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3u27zg/
20:24 pdurbin    :)
20:24 pdurbin    semiosis: no fun allowed
20:25 semiosis   not sure if i wanted #crimsonfu
20:25 semiosis   or #sourcefu
21:46 whorka     Futurama has been confirmed canceled again. :(
21:50 JoeJulian  "Bad news everyone...."
21:53 semiosis   the first run was the last good run
22:24 pdurbin    I think I've only seen half of the first season
22:32 semiosis   pdurbin: quit while you're ahead!
22:34 pdurbin    heh. I'm happy to have picked up some of the references, I suppose