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03:30 pdurbin      huh. dunno why I would want an eggdrop irc bot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eggdrop
03:39 pdurbin      I guess it's for auto kicking people who flood the channel with copy/paste
12:36 Hien         hello everyone. I'm new here
12:53 pdurbin      Hien: hi. what's on your mind?
13:05 melodie      hello
13:24 pdurbin      melodie: hi
13:25 melodie      hi pdurbin !
13:26 melodie      I am seeking for people who would accept to test bento2 mini 2 : ubuntu openbox mini, with wicd and wicd-gtk. I'd need to know if the network is automatically connected as soon as their vbox is booted
13:26 melodie      here is bento2 full presentation:
13:26 melodie      http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,248.0.html
13:26 melodie      bento2 mini has lots of less user applications and the bento2 mini-2 is also much lighter on resource
13:27 melodie      this is the first on the list: http://tyruiop.eu/~melodie/Downloads/ISOS/Ubuntu
13:27 melodie      if anybody is interested, all feedback are welcome
13:27 melodie      :)
13:28 pdurbin      :)
13:28 pdurbin      I'm thinking about this thought experiment about 100 boxes and 100 prisoners: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-04-18#i_5355
13:30 melodie      you are having fun thinking of it ?
13:31 pdurbin      now that my wife is back home and we can chat about it, yes :)
13:32 melodie      oh, ok.
13:32 pdurbin      I'm starting to ask some clarifying questions: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-04-21
13:33 pdurbin      melodie: if you are a member of http://sixgun.org/forum/ you should consider posting your announcement about bento2 there
13:33 melodie      what forum is that ?
13:33 pdurbin      for Linux Outlaws
13:34 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky linux outlaws
13:34 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://sixgun.org/linuxoutlaws
13:35 melodie      thanks, however for the time being I won't
13:35 melodie      will lack time...
13:35 pdurbin      hmm, FluxBB they're using it seems
13:36 melodie      yes, they do
13:38 pdurbin      yesterday I tried to get yoshi interested in Discourse: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-04-20#i_6727075 :)
13:39 melodie      I saw
13:39 melodie      whas he ?
13:39 melodie      was he ?
13:43 pdurbin      not really
13:43 pdurbin      well, he says Discourse is in development, which is true. not fully baked. maybe he'll be interested in the future
13:44 melodie      I don't understand if he is really the age he says, how he can be interested with all this stuff
13:44 melodie      and on the forum too when I see his posts and answers I don't figure out he is the age he prentends...
13:45 melodie      -n
13:45 melodie      pretends
13:45 melodie      pdurbin do you fancy that ?
13:45 pdurbin      it's a little surprising
13:45 melodie      he would be one year older than my son, who I must confess is a real baby for a young teenager
13:46 pdurbin      melodie: have you heard of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Swartz ? he was quite young when he started getting interested in technology
13:46 melodie      for me it is more and more surprising. I believe it less and less
13:47 melodie      pdurbin the fate of this young guy at the wikipedia page is really terrible :-(
13:48 pdurbin      yes. terrible
13:48 pdurbin      I didn't know him but I created his Unix account on the cluster that whorka still manages
13:49 melodie      ...
13:50 melodie      about our buddy who says he is so young, it's not only the type of posts, but how it is written, the style which is very mature also. and he knows so much, even related to hardware it seems just difficult to think he already had the time to learn that much
13:50 melodie      I would say at least 18... and more
13:52 melodie      pdurbin I think after reading that one page, that I don't know what to think (about our societies mostly)
13:52 pdurbin      Aaron was opposed to bill such as CISPA, which just passed the the House in the US: https://plus.google.com/113579520393333767984/posts/UtikEHmJ1jJ
13:53 pdurbin      JoeJulian: you were warning us about this but I was too busy to look
13:53 pdurbin      JoeJulian: here was your warning: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-04-18#i_6719512
13:54 melodie      pdurbin yes, I have read at the page about SOPA
13:54 melodie      have to go...
13:57 pdurbin      in that post I was told https://www.eff.org/cybersecurity-bill-faq is a good place to start learning about CISPA
18:45 melodie      hello
18:45 melodie      Desktop root window in cs50 appliance is not handsome - https://github.com/cs50/appliance50/issues/4
18:45 melodie      :)
18:46 pdurbin      heh
18:46 pdurbin      melodie: any reply to any of the issues you've opened?
18:49 melodie      not yet pdurbin, he must be very, very busy :)
18:49 pdurbin      I'm sure
18:49 pdurbin      it's been a rough week in Boston, too
18:52 melodie      I can figure out
18:53 melodie      or fancy... whatever is more relevant in English
18:55 pdurbin      melodie: how do you like Python now that you are using it a little?
18:56 melodie      I am not using it, I am just started at week0 which is not much
18:56 melodie      I take it as an exercise, to get my brain to work harder again
18:56 melodie      :)
18:58 melodie      do you have some knowledge, related to sound and the quality of headphones ?
19:00 pdurbin      6 Free E-Books on Learning to Program with Python – ReadWrite - http://readwrite.com/2011/03/25/python-is-an-increasingly-popu ... was posted today on Google+ by one a crimsonfu member
19:01 pdurbin      melodie: for headphones I would ask in http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=oggcastplanet which is linked from http://hackerpublicradio.org
19:01 melodie      thks :)
19:04 melodie      pdurbin is it on a freenode server?
19:05 melodie      .freenode.net
19:05 melodie      looks like it...