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00:01 melodie   people have been frightened and are very weary, this is why I was thinking probably not many people should be out
00:02 pdurbin   "He’s in a boat. The boat is on land. The land is in Watertown." -- https://twitter.com/SteveStreza/status/325395064564101120 :)
00:03 semiosis  wow thats great
00:05 semiosis  an i've just learned from the replies on that page that there's a freenode channel ##bostonspeculation
00:05 semiosis  not joining tho
00:08 pdurbin   join ##bostonspeculation
00:08 pdurbin   whoops
00:08 semiosis  ha for a second i thought you were encouraging me :)
00:08 melodie   good night
00:08 semiosis  bye melodie
00:09 melodie   bye semiosis
00:09 pdurbin   573 nicks in there
00:10 pdurbin   wow, this channel is asleep in comparison :)
00:11 semiosis  heh
00:12 pdurbin   ok i'm already ready for "shit ##bostonspeculation says" :)
00:12 * pdurbin checks on his frozen pizza
00:29 pdurbin   so there's #bostonbombing too but you can't talk (I just tried), which is probably why it's better :)
00:31 semiosis  who can talk?
00:31 semiosis  anyone?
00:31 pdurbin   the mods maybe. I'm still learning my way around IRC
00:36 semiosis  well i'm outta here. time to go home & get some rest. i'm running a 5k tomorrow morning
00:37 semiosis  good luck, and good night
00:39 pdurbin   semiosis: take care
00:54 pdurbin   they captured him alive: https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/325411505111703552
02:05 pdurbin   watching obama at http://www.whitehouse.gov/live
02:10 pdurbin   semiosis: obama wants to know why too ;)
02:41 pdurbin   oh, my wife got home safe. I'm much happier now :)
15:19 pdurbin   http://elementaryos.org/journal/when-its-ready via http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-04-20#i_6727124