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10:05 pdurbin      "MBTA service suspended pending further notice" -- https://twitter.com/MBTATransitPD/status/325183370734743552
10:28 pdurbin      "Update 4/19 5:52am Harvard University is closed due to public safety concerns. Please continue to watch this page for updates." -- http://www.harvard.edu/emergency
14:30 pdurbin      schools closed too. my 3 and 6 year old wanted to play mario kart so why not :)
14:52 melodie      hello :)
14:59 pdurbin      melodie: hi
15:00 melodie      hi pdurbin !
15:02 pdurbin      rough day. police are trying to find one of the guys responsible for the boston marathon bombings: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/04/who-is-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-boston/64382/
16:51 pdurbin      I'm tweeting about the manhunt etc. at https://twitter.com/coolcorn if anyone's interested. mostly retweets
16:52 semiosis     you have many identities "pdurbin"
16:53 pdurbin      heh. I guess so :)
16:54 pdurbin      I think of them as channels... for different audiences... that's my "hyperlocal news stream"
16:54 pdurbin      that's what Jeff Jarvis calls something like that anyway
16:54 semiosis     identity, channel, whats the diff
16:56 pdurbin      hmm. looks like I haven't linked to this in here yet: My split personality online - http://thedurbins.com/phil/blog/2012/01/14/my-split-personality-online.html
16:58 semiosis     nice
17:00 pdurbin      the guy they're looking for goes to school a block away from my office
17:02 semiosis     scary
17:05 ben_e        went
17:05 ben_e        he's at umass dartmouth now
17:05 ben_e        or was anyway
17:06 pdurbin      I've been getting emails all week from my friend who knows the guys who lost legs in the bombing. I posted about that here: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/L5Crmck7P68
17:07 pdurbin      ben_e: ah. thanks
17:08 ben_e        city of cambridge gave him a scholarship actually
17:09 ben_e        http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/04/who-is-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-boston/64382/
18:56 pdurbin      I hope my wife gets in ok. her flight is supposed to arrive in BOS late tonight
19:21 semiosis     +1
19:33 pdurbin      public transportation is still shut down. I hear cabs are running again. or I could put the kids in the car and pick her up. I think roads are open, except in Watertown
19:34 pdurbin      some food for thought: Was Shutting Down Boston Really a Good Idea? - The Daily Beast - http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/04/19/was-shutting-down-boston-really-a-good-idea.html
19:57 melodie      pdurbin I think in France they would not have forced people to stay inside, but rather enforce the security with their methods, "vigie pirate" and such
20:04 * pdurbin    looks at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigipirate
20:06 pdurbin      melodie: sounds a little like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeland_Security_Advisory_System , which the US phased out a few years back
20:06 pdurbin      after 9/11 I think we were in constant orange for years. it was silly
20:07 pdurbin      melodie: not that I'm saying France's system is silly :)
20:51 melodie      pdurbin the problem with living in sillyness is that we get used to it
20:51 melodie      I wouldn't say it is sane, in fact I think it is not sane at all
21:11 pdurbin      melodie: ok
21:11 pdurbin      I just read this and found it interesting: What You Need To Know About Chechnya And The Boston Bombing Suspects | ThinkProgress - http://thinkprogress.org/security/2013/04/19/1893511/boston-chechnya/
21:47 melodie      pdurbin why do you find it interesting ?
22:22 pdurbin      melodie: well, I haven't thought about Chechnya lately and I don't know a lot about it. where the attackers come from seems somewhat important... I'm completely puzzled about why they attacked innocent people
22:23 semiosis     as if there were a rational explanation for such behavior.  it's because of insanity imo
22:28 pdurbin      semiosis: are you done trying to understand the "why"? you chalk it up to insanity?
22:28 semiosis     i dont expect to understand the why
22:30 semiosis     i cant imagine any rational person committing such an atrocity, esp. against civilians
22:31 pdurbin      but in some cases of terrorism, attacks against civilians, there are reasons given
22:32 semiosis     no good reasons, none that i can understand
22:32 semiosis     "reasons"
22:33 semiosis     i'd rather call them remarks
22:33 * semiosis   philosophy major
22:37 melodie      pdurbin the problem I have with news related to this kind of events is around the concept of suspiciousness... suspect does not always mean involved for real, and even arrested would not be a proof either
22:38 semiosis     ianal but there seems to me enough evidence available to get a conviction, if the cops catch him alive
22:39 semiosis     if the news is reliable
22:39 melodie      the if is always the problem
22:39 semiosis     which i agree is a big assumption :)
22:40 melodie      the news, the enquiry (let's say "they" would ask for "fast results", give the news "something to say, anything... ")
22:41 melodie      what would be more interesting for all if they could say something about the engines which exploded, what clues did they find around them ? what was it made of ? that kind of thing ?
22:42 semiosis     that's been reported
22:42 semiosis     "in the news" of course
23:07 pdurbin      lockdown lifted (not that they caught the guy!) ... kids are dying to go outside
23:18 melodie      I would have said impatient ?
23:19 melodie      what about the grown ups ? Not impatient to feel a bit free again ?
23:37 pdurbin      we went for a walk. felt great
23:38 pdurbin      passed a burrito place, which was closed. my six year old said, "maybe they're helping to catch the people who put the bombs at the marathon"
23:38 melodie      what is a burrito place ?
23:38 melodie      some stuff to eat perhaps ?
23:43 semiosis     google burrito
23:43 crimsonfubot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrito
23:47 melodie      thands semiosis I see
23:48 melodie      pdurbin were there as many people as there are usually or much less people out compared to usually ?
23:50 ben_e        sounds like they got the guy
23:51 melodie      ben_e sounds ?
23:52 ben_e        it sounds like he's cornered, but not clear if he's dead
23:52 ben_e        and since his brother was wearing a suicide vest, the cops are being cautious
23:53 melodie      :o
23:58 pdurbin      melodie: it was very quiet and almost every shop was closed. very few people and cars. very different than usual.
23:59 melodie      pdurbin I would have thought so
23:59 pdurbin      ben_e: he's on a boat or something? but in watertown? I'm confused
23:59 semiosis     thats the cambridge i remember https://twitter.com/pragmaticism/status/318146407846510593
23:59 semiosis     (quiet, closed)