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04:42 mhayden      i'll just leave this here... http://stopdisablingselinux.com/
10:02 pdurbin      :)
13:42 semiosis     mhayden: retiring rackerhacker?
13:43 pdurbin      I was wondering about that too :)
13:52 mhayden      yeah, making some changes ;)
13:56 mhayden      plus it matches to my fedora username
13:56 mhayden      i guess i need to make another PR, pdurbin
14:00 pdurbin      mhayden: heh. faster response from me this time. I promise :)
14:01 pdurbin      kind of a good wake up call for me... obviously I'm missing out on github notifications
14:01 mhayden      haha, done deal
14:01 mhayden      no worried
14:01 mhayden      worries, rather
15:14 pdurbin      whorka: you're right. rrdtool is probably the way to go. I just stood this up: http://dvn-5.hmdc.harvard.edu/munin/localhost/localhost/http_loadtime.html
15:14 pdurbin      see also: Web page load speed monitoring with Munin - pydelion.com - http://pydelion.com/2013/03/04/web-page-load-speed-monitoring-with-munin/
15:15 semiosis     i use pingdom for that
15:15 pdurbin      semiosis: that's what the guys in #munin were saying
15:15 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky pingdom
15:15 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://www.pingdom.com/
15:16 pdurbin      looks like you have to pay for pingdom
15:18 semiosis     https://www.pingdom.com/free
15:18 mhayden      pingdom isn't a bad deal... i've had a paid account for a couple of years
15:18 semiosis     it's not clear if they still offer it, but when i signed up an account with just one check was free
15:19 pdurbin      hmm, and you get pretty graphs?
15:19 semiosis     you get precise load time measurement
15:19 semiosis     the graphs are whatever
15:20 pdurbin      ok
15:20 pdurbin      well, I'm pretty happy with the graphs from munin
15:32 mhayden      pdurbin: i put the pull request in ;)
15:34 pdurbin      mhayden: thanks
15:34 pdurbin      hmm, maybe I'll switch to the wget_page munin plugin. can monitor multiple sites: http://demo.munin-monitoring.org/munin-monitoring.org/buildd.munin-monitoring.org/wget_page.html
15:35 pdurbin      http://munin-monitoring.org/browser/munin-contrib/plugins/http/wget_page
15:36 pdurbin      there's also http://munin-monitoring.org/browser/munin-contrib/plugins/http/http_load_
17:19 JoeJulian    Hrm... got all ready, geared up for 37° weather, rode 5 miles to the transit facility, loaded my bike on the bus only to discover I'd forgotten to attach my saddle bag. Working from the office today in bike gear. :/
17:19 pdurbin      heh