Time  Nick         Message
00:00 melodie      most communities are very nice and helpful anyway
00:00 melodie      in the free software world at least and in a few other ones too
00:09 pdurbin      melodie: a book about python, you mean
00:10 melodie      no computing, and Perl too
00:12 pdurbin      melodie: ok. if you have any interest in learning Perl, I highly recommend http://perl5maven.com/perl-tutorial
00:12 pdurbin      that whole site, I mean
00:12 melodie      pdurbin you can be sure I will ask you again when the time comes. :)
00:12 pdurbin      this is good as well: http://perl-tutorial.org
00:12 melodie      not yet though
00:13 pdurbin      sure :)
00:13 melodie      additionnaly there are websites in French for that as well
00:13 melodie      thank you very much. it is very kind of you
00:14 pdurbin      I've spent time with the Perl community and the Midwest of the United States. I can't help bing kind :)
00:14 pdurbin      being*
00:18 codex        perl *is* nice :)
00:18 pdurbin      my wife has some DNA sequence data for me to look at. this time I think I'm going to write scripts in both Perl and Python to see which she finds more objectionable :)
00:19 pdurbin      I agree with melodie that most of open source is nice
00:20 melodie      :)
00:30 melodie      good night
01:50 rackerhacker pdurbin: thanks
02:17 pdurbin      rackerhacker: sorry so slow! you could have said something :)
14:42 melodie_     hello
15:57 caymus       salut
15:58 caymus       oups wrong window
15:58 caymus       hi all
16:03 pdurbin      caymus: hi :)
16:06 caymus       hi pdurbin
16:40 pdurbin      caymus: I'm going to guess you came to us via linuxvillage
16:48 caymus       from melodie
16:50 pdurbin      caymus: ah. you might enjoy #sourcefu too, also on freenode: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2013-04-15
16:57 caymus       I'll look at it thank you, but for the moment I am struggling with skiptaskbar http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-winrules-plugin/0.9.5/files/head:/src/ & http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/raring/kstart/raring/files this is a mess :s i need to do something similar
17:00 caymus       I put your link on hand, as soon as I got rid of my problem, I look properly
17:00 pdurbin      you don't want your app to show up in the taskbar?
17:00 caymus       yes indeed
17:01 caymus       or a panel with options
17:01 caymus       skiptaskbar skippager sticky no argb visuals etc
17:04 pdurbin      ok
17:05 caymus       playing with Qt window flags isnt realy reliable, depend to much from one window manager to one other
17:06 caymus       so i need to bypass windowmanager & touch X11 directly
17:07 pdurbin      gotcha
18:00 pdurbin_m    good times at the marathon: https://plus.google.com/app/basic/stream/z13sx35xnqnwgtd2v230unwx2lmqdv13j?cbp=1it3qq4xz114s&sview=27&spath=/app/basic/109940583958656614840/posts&sparm=source%3Dapppromo
19:38 pdurbin_m    http://boingboing.net/2013/04/15/boston-marathon-bombed.html
19:40 semiosis     http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/16/us/explosions-reported-at-site-of-boston-marathon.html?_r=0
19:40 semiosis     OMG
19:40 semiosis     are you ok?
19:43 jimi_c       that is some crazy shit
19:44 jimi_c       i saw someone else from boston tweet that a good 20 minutes before it started showing up on news sites
19:44 jimi_c       that pic you retweeted is pretty horrific
19:46 jimi_c       that same person tweeted it was most likely a gas explosion, though unconfirmed - any updates on that pdurbin_m?
19:46 jimi_c       seems unprobable if that's true
19:56 JoeJulian    Seen reports of unexploded bombs found in trash cans.
19:57 semiosis     :(
19:58 pdurbin_m    so pissed right now
20:00 melodie_     hi
20:06 JoeJulian    NY Times reports at least 12 dead. Many amputees.
20:08 pdurbin      the explosion: Doug's post on Vine - https://vine.co/v/bFdt5uwg6JZ
20:12 jimi_c       12 is much higher than any other reports i've seen, most say 2-3 with dozens injured
20:15 JoeJulian    Yeah, a lot more say 2-3. Police apparently say 2. It's the Times though, so.... http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/two_explosions_at_boston_marathon_iMR0LCkcwASg0RQfVsH1yI
20:16 semiosis     post != times
20:16 JoeJulian    er, pos
20:16 JoeJulian    yea
20:17 JoeJulian    I think the twitter link I followed said Times. Got it stuck in my head that way.
20:17 jimi_c       that explains it, the post is barely one step above the enquirer some days
22:19 pdurbin_m    I'm still pissed
22:26 pdurbin_m    it was so festive earlier: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0lzPB8MASE
22:32 melodie      pdurbin_m and let's fancy about all the people injured and impaired for the rest of their lives :/
22:34 pdurbin_m    I know. terrible
22:35 pdurbin_m    some of the images were quite graphic
22:40 JoeJulian    I've had to close my office door in order to get any work done at all, otherwise I keep hearing news about this act of evil and it just makes me so mad I can't think of anything else.
22:40 pdurbin_m    the mayor was supposed to give a speech 40 minutes ago
22:44 pdurbin_m    one of the confirmed dead was 8
22:56 JoeJulian    Does Mass still have the death penalty?
23:04 semiosis     i've been listening to the wbur live stream all afternoon, i feel thoroughly sad now
23:08 pdurbin_m    maybe it's a blessing my wife is out of town until Friday and I can't watch any news with the kids around
23:09 pdurbin_m    JoeJulian: I'd be surprised
23:11 JoeJulian    Then, forgive me, I hope vigilantes find the culprit(s) before the police do.
23:12 pdurbin_m    technically, it's Patriots Day today, at least here and in Maine
23:17 melodie      I am voiceless about this event, and I wish courage to all to face it.
23:17 melodie      have to leave now see you