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15:55 caymus  hi all
15:59 caymus  i haveone roblem, and i can t find a clue, i m doing a Qt qml application, borderless, and i have implemented à mousearea for borderless window drag & drop
16:01 caymus  everything work fine, on various config, except my main computer, who use nvidia twinview, the window tilt if i move it
16:02 caymus  someone has already encountered this problem please?
16:02 caymus  if i use separate x screen, its ok
16:03 caymus  I cannot point the problem with twinview :s
17:14 pdurbin caymus: I think I used twinview a view years ago. on RHEL5 or RHEL4 desktop. I don't have two monitors anymore. just this standalone laptop I run Fedora on
17:15 pdurbin caymus: http://unix.stackexchange.com might be a good place to ask your question if no one here has any ideas
17:16 caymus  ok, thank you pdurbin
17:16 pdurbin caymus: please drop a link in here if you ask somewhere else
17:16 pdurbin caymus: is your app open source?
17:17 caymus  ok I will
17:18 caymus  it should be , but I have a bit of code in nokia, I must change it first,
17:19 caymus  in/from
17:19 pdurbin ok
17:19 caymus  its a conky clone
17:19 pdurbin conky?
17:19 caymus
17:20 caymus  it was 40% finished
17:20 pdurbin "Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X" -- http://conky.sourceforge.net
17:20 pdurbin cool
17:20 caymus  now i' m near 70%
17:21 pdurbin caymus: people can write Qt apps in Java, right? I've been doing more Java dev lately... I wonder if I could write a Qt app in Java
17:23 caymus  i dunno, i do it in c++ with Qt & qml is javascript for gui
17:23 caymus  but i have see python Qt
17:24 caymus  son i thing java Qt exist to?
17:24 caymus  so*
17:26 caymus  http://qt-jambi.org/
17:26 caymus  apparently it exists, I just discovered
17:27 pdurbin caymus: what's the "normal" language to use when developing a Qt app? C++?
17:27 caymus  yes c++
17:28 pdurbin ok, that's what I thought. thanks
17:28 pdurbin caymus: I assume you like developing Qt apps... that you would use something else if you didn't. :)
17:30 caymus  maybe C & GTK but it takes a lot more work
17:31 pdurbin hmm, I've done a tiny bit of Perl+GTK and I found it difficult. I was hacking on an existing app. wasn't starting fresh. and didn't really read up on GTK much before I started :)
17:32 caymus  and since gtk3 it is useless ressources/performances point of view
17:32 pdurbin caymus: did you pick Qt because you wanted your app to be cross platform?
17:34 caymus  alot to developpers, migrate from gtk 3 to Qt since
17:34 caymus  yes this is also a reason
17:34 pdurbin so to be cross platform and for performance
17:35 caymus  yes
17:36 caymus  & the ide is great for c++
17:36 pdurbin hmm. ok. Qt has its own IDE?
17:36 caymus  yes
17:37 pdurbin I've long been a vim guy and I've used eclipse a bit but now I'm using netbeans like the rest of my team. I can't imagine doing Java dev in vim :)
17:37 caymus  hehe sure
21:16 pdurbin I'm considering standing up Vanilla Forums: https://github.com/vanillaforums/Garden
22:05 pdurbin hmm. Discourse on CentOS: Installing discourse on Centos, with Apache, MySQL and PHP alongside - Discourse - http://meta.discourse.org/t/installing-discourse-on-centos-with-apache-mysql-and-php-alongside/2822/4
22:13 melodie New download link in LinuxVillage website - http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,289.msg1961.html#msg1961
22:14 melodie I sayd something just before, I missed it
22:14 melodie the LinuxVillage website has a new common download link for all spinoffs produced by the LinuxVillage members.
22:34 pdurbin melodie: ah. "Downloads" link at the top of http://linuxvillage.org
22:38 melodie pdurbin yes this is right
23:09 caymus  mhhh i thing i m going to format my main os tomorrow, & also do a try on win7 twinview
23:09 caymus