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00:54 pdurbin      holy crap, Ctrl-a F to resize gnu screen. awesome: http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/manual/html_node/Default-Key-Bindings.html
01:35 pdurbin      hmm, if I resize the window, long links aren't clickable though. oh well
01:37 pdurbin      in general, I gotta say that I'm liking weechat (over irssi). It feels very similar and comfortable but there are some nice improvements, such as the input bar that grows and the list of nicks on the right
01:37 pdurbin      it seems to demand more horizontal space, so I'm breaking from my 24x80 habit for a bit
01:37 pdurbin      hence the resizing, I guess :)
01:48 pdurbin      interesting: tmux is sweet as heck - fuzzy notepad - http://me.veekun.com/blog/2012/03/21/tmux-is-sweet-as-heck/
01:49 pdurbin      but I'm not enough of a screen power user to appreciate tmux, I think
10:54 melodie      hello
11:31 pdurbin      melodie: we're here :)
11:35 melodie      hello pdurbin :)
11:42 melodie      how are you ?
12:12 pdurbin      good. today's the deadline (I think) for submitting talks for JavaOne. I was thinking about submitting a talk about Vagrant and posted it to a Google+ Community that has 25,000+ people in it. I'm disappointed that there's very little interest though: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/7SKn4Y6yEx9 :(
12:18 melodie      pdurbin number does not always mean interest ? Is that right ? Do you have any stats about the visits in Google+ ?
12:18 pdurbin      buh. no, I don't
12:18 melodie      about single visits, how long people stay there, which pages they have seen and so on ?
12:18 melodie      do you have a Wordpress blog ? :)
12:18 melodie      (me likes magic)
12:18 pdurbin      I guess that's the downside of using Google+ ... no insight into page views, etc.
12:19 pdurbin      do people still read blogs? ;)
12:19 melodie      if you have a Wordpress blog you can add extensions to all your other social places and have a strong network
12:19 melodie      do people read blogs ? ::)
12:19 melodie      here are clues :
12:20 melodie      just a few, http://wordpress.com/
12:20 melodie      XD
12:20 melodie      they put a nice picture today :)
12:20 melodie      I come back in a few minutes, I have to solve a little issue in my distro
12:21 pdurbin      melodie: all I see is "watch a video"
12:21 melodie      we don't see the same thing
12:21 pdurbin      maybe this: http://en.wordpress.com/stats/
12:21 pdurbin      almost 64 million wordpress sites
12:22 melodie      I see a picture with someone in the blur at the end of the place (large room) and hundreds of people standing to assiste the lecture
12:24 melodie      I'm back in a moment to tell you more about it
12:24 melodie      I'm sure you would be very happy with a good wordpress well configured
12:34 melodie      pdurbin in Midori is different than in Firefox: http://meets.free.fr/images/wordpress.png
12:36 melodie      this is my blog at wordpress.com http://meylodie.wordpress.com/
12:36 melodie      this is the 2012 annual report for that one blog:
12:36 melodie      http://meylodie.wordpress.com/2012/annual-report/
12:37 melodie      I wrote only one new article on it in 2012 and the blog has been visited 2000 times (which is related to the lack of activity)
12:37 pdurbin      cool
12:37 pdurbin      I *do* have a little crimsonfu blog: http://crimsonfu.github.io/members/pdurbin/
12:38 melodie      and here is the presentation of the wordpress tool and community: http://wordpress.org/
12:39 pdurbin      melodie: do you worry about security? I feel like wordpress has a bad track record
12:39 melodie      pdurbin in wordpress you can install nice plugins which send a summary of the posts you publish, in one shot to facebook, linkedin, google+ and mostly all social places where you are registered. it also can send a ping to the search engines with the title summary and key words of your posts
12:40 melodie      pdurbin I have security installed to my blogs : the ones which I own and for the one hosted at wordpress.com I don't have to worry about it
12:40 melodie      I can tell you about it
12:41 melodie      pdurbin Wordpress does not have a bad track record : all CMS build with php do.
12:41 melodie      I have faced a situation and found on the web all the resource to make my blogs stronger
12:41 pdurbin      melodie: I agree :)
12:41 melodie      and among all the opensource cms blogs, wordpress is the only one I know which has some much power
12:42 melodie      it is easy to use to start with, and it is W3C compliant
12:42 melodie      it has people who yearly offer hundreds of free themes at no cost or very little cost, all more beautiful than the other
12:42 melodie      and so many plugins to do all sorts of things
12:43 pdurbin      I agree with all of this :)
12:43 melodie      all you need is an efficient host who knows how to configure his servers correctly
12:43 melodie      5 minutes to install, not much to update, never a problem with updates (one back in 2008 that I reported, but was fast fixed once reported)
12:44 melodie      easy to maintain and now easy to make it a multisite/multiblog
12:44 melodie      here is one of my multiblogs: http://citrotux.org
12:44 melodie      here is one I did for a friend who is also my client in the matter: http://lecopot.com
12:44 melodie      and will soon be in several languages
12:45 melodie      the english one is just started : http://lecopot.com/en
12:45 melodie      the multisites can be as subsites or sub-domains, it's a choice to be done when installing it.
12:45 melodie      I have other ones elsewhere too :)
12:46 pdurbin      melodie: this is more my style of blogging... with the command line: Blogging Like a Hacker - http://tom.preston-werner.com/2008/11/17/blogging-like-a-hacker.html
12:48 melodie      you won't have all the features a wordpress blog provides with command lines, unless you find or write all the equivalent code to bash or such. Is that right ?
12:48 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky octopress
12:48 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://octopress.org/
12:48 pdurbin      melodie: octopress is some people get more features out of blogs like this
12:50 melodie      the page at octopus points to jekyll : is it the same jekyll that you use for blogging with Markdown ?
12:51 pdurbin      yes. the crimsonfu website is a jekyll site
12:51 pdurbin      melodie: you are welcome to fork our repo on github and send us a pull request for a guest post :)
12:52 melodie      I have no coding knowledge. :)
12:52 melodie      and I don't even know how to use github
12:52 pdurbin      you could do this all in your browser
12:52 melodie      guest posts exist for wordpress but last time I tried it was much too sluggish
12:53 melodie      it exists in drupal but drupal is too much work to put hands on for a result which is related to how long the webmaster has worked on it
12:53 pdurbin      melodie: here are some screenshots of how to do it from your browser: https://github.com/perl-doc-cats/perl-tutorial-org-data/pull/4
12:54 melodie      should be Ikiwiki not IkiWiki
12:54 melodie      I agree in that kind of thing
12:56 melodie      pdurbin does your type of blogging allow you to have automatic partial forwards from your blog to your social network ? does it allow you to follow fine stats ? does it allow you to ping the main search engines each time you publish a new post ?
12:56 melodie      if you say all to this you don't need a wordpress blog
12:57 melodie      if there are 20000 people on the same place at google+ registered and you received let's say 3 comments, then something is not right
12:57 melodie      either they are not pinged about new posts, or they registered and forgot to stay connected, or the seach engines didn't notice your publication
12:57 melodie      ...
12:59 pdurbin      those would be nice features
12:59 melodie      I do have them all in my wordpress blogs
12:59 melodie      but I don't fully take advantage of them because I was busy doing other things
12:59 melodie      :)
13:00 melodie      however I will continue doing efforts to use them better
13:00 melodie      I have twitter accounts too and I have to remove one or two... probably
13:02 melodie      pdurbin do you code in php too ?
13:03 pdurbin      melodie: a little: https://github.com/pdurbin/lmp-legacy
13:03 melodie      the wordpress plugins are of course all coded in php
13:03 melodie      I am looking here now : https://f.cloud.github.com/assets/21006/314588/c485d4fa-97ce-11e2-92a2-8928fc6b5dd2.png
13:04 melodie      are you using comic sans for a font ?
13:04 pdurbin      I don't know. whatever the default is. I'm on a mac right now
13:05 melodie      I think the Arial font is one of the best for reading the web pages.
13:05 melodie      comic sans is a bit old fashioned...
13:06 melodie      and not so easy to read on the screen also
13:10 pdurbin      if I'm using comic sans I think I'm supposed to be embarrassed about that
13:11 ben_e        heh
13:16 melodie      pdurbin it's just that there are fonts more appropriate for the console and for the web :D
13:16 melodie      I must confess that when I discovered comic sans the first time I liked it very much too.
13:32 melodie      bbl
15:45 pdurbin      interesting: Jmeter used to playback Apache access logs to generate live-like server load | artur.ejsmont.org - http://artur.ejsmont.org/blog/content/jmeter-used-to-playback-apache-access-logs-to-generate-live-like-server-load
16:05 semiosis     jmeter :(
16:06 semiosis     it's a neat tool, and can do some fancy tricks, but oh my is it a PITA to use
16:06 pdurbin      oh
16:06 pdurbin      oh well
16:07 semiosis     don't get me wrong, i have effectively load tested web sites with it, and it got the job done well, but it seemed harder to learn/use than it should have been.
16:16 pdurbin      gotcha
16:17 pdurbin      that was via http://www.evanchooly.com/logs/%23glassfish/2013-04-12
16:17 pdurbin      someone just mentioned pureload as an alternative
16:17 pdurbin      crimsonfubot: lucky pureload
16:17 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.pureload.com/
19:36 pdurbin      must read: http://infotrope.net/2007/07/17/elaines-rule/
19:38 semiosis     tried dragging that link from konversation to chromium, both crashed!
19:39 semiosis     rich comments on that page
19:40 semiosis     “strip all the interesting functionality, just make it easy to install”
19:40 semiosis     lol
19:45 pdurbin      dunno if people saw me asking about simple plotting of performance over time yesterday: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-04-11#i_6693552
19:46 pdurbin      how long it takes curl to download a public url
19:46 pdurbin      a couple graphs/plots:
19:46 pdurbin      http://dvn-5.hmdc.harvard.edu/data/plot.png
19:46 pdurbin      http://dvn-5.hmdc.harvard.edu/data/output.png
19:46 pdurbin      and the code: http://dvn-5.hmdc.harvard.edu/data/
20:00 whorka       this is also the kind of thing that mrtg and rrdtool are good at
20:01 pdurbin      absolutely
21:17 pdurbin      hmm. one guy is interested in vagrant at javaone. and... looks like the deadline was extended: https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/5VHdDuje9Uv