Time  Nick     Message
15:49 melodie  hello o/
15:54 semiosis hey hey hey
15:56 melodie  hello semiosis
15:57 semiosis good morning
16:00 melodie  thanks! (it's 6 pm here in fact)
21:22 melodie  does someone here know about the font configuration secrets in Fedora, and particularly the version number 17 ? in X and in virtual consoles
21:22 melodie  I am facing some funny behaviors and can't find the files where it is really setup
23:20 pdurbin  melodie: hmm. not sure. I just use the default fonts
23:25 melodie  pdurbin doesn't matter
23:26 melodie  pdurbin I have exported two versions now, and I am pretty sure I don't know how to make it better that the point where I brought it. here is a screenshot of the version in English:
23:26 melodie  http://meets.free.fr/Fedora/JHarvard_17-12_04092013.png
23:34 pdurbin  cool
23:34 melodie  :)